Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brighten Up Your Summer With Tom Ford Cheek Colour in 03 Flush

Feels soooo good to be back!!! And with what?! A blush post of course!! =P

I decided I wanted to try at least one product from Tom Ford.. And when I saw this blush, I thought it HAD to be this one! It's a gorgeous gorgeous colour.. I did my best to capture it on camera but I still feel that it doesn't show its true colour...


- VERY pigmented.. I use a stippling brush with this as you need the tiniest amount
- Has a subtle sheen to it that it won't accentuate pores
- Gorgeous bright almost neon coral
- Good staying power
- Blends well

Who Will Like This?

- Anyone who is brave enough to at least try it.. I feel that it's the kinda colour that would suit even paler skin tones

Who Won't Like This?

- Anyone who isn't willing to spend that much money on a blush

My Final Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this blush! It gives the most beautiful corally glow to the cheeks without looking like a clown.. I dab the colour on the apples of my cheeks and my look is transformed completely!

What is your favourite bright blush?

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