Monday, January 2, 2012

Delyteful Speaks Again...

I am so terribly sorry for the long silence on this blog.. I sorta kinda got engaged and now I'm getting married in 3 days!!!!! So you can imagine how hectic it's been for me.. This is the last post as a single woman.. When I come back (in February), Ima be a married woman! Haha It's crazy really how things work out sometimes..

So on to beauty!

I've been thinking so much about what I'll be taking with me on my honeymoon.. I want products that are easy to apply and of course ones that are long lasting.. And here are some of the products I've found while going through my beauty stash... 

Coverage: Light to Medium
Finish: Between a satin and dewy finish on me as I make sure I apply a rich moisturizer beforehand.. But I think it leans more towards a Matte finish
Application: Finger tips
Cons: The shade tend to have a slight pink undertone

The reason I'm taking this foundation out of all the foundations I have, is because this is super easy to apply and blends in so well.. It also gives my skin such a beautiful natural glow which is always what I'm seeking.. Not to mention, it's a skincare type of foundation.. Works well for those with sensitive skin!

Application: Fingers.. Blends like a dream
Longevity: Not too bad.. But I love that it doesn't crease..
Cons: If you have oily eye lids, you'll have to use a good eye primer with it

I've braged about this product here.. Love how easy it is to apply and how beautifully it transforms my eyes.. Also, this can be worn as bronzy highlighter!

Application: MAC 188 Stippling Brush
Cons: Dries really fast and once it does, it's really hard to blend out

This thing seriously does not budge which is what I love about it the most! You can read more about it in my blush post here.. The only issue I have with this is that you have to work super fast with is coz it dries quickly but I just adore this shade!

Finish: Satin.. Moisturizing yet not too glossy
Cons: Not very long wearing

This is pretty much the only baby pink lipstick that works well on my skin tone.. It's what I thought MAC Creme Cup would be.. Beautiful baby pink with tiny gold flecks that give the lips a nice subtle sheen..

And these are just a few of the products that will be coming along with me to my honeymoon.. Again I apologize for the very very very late post and I wish you all an amazing new year with new opportunities...

Be the best you can be!


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