Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skincare Prodcuts: Eye Creams

Are eye creams essential? I don't know.. But I like using them for prevention purposes..

Now many people say that you could just use your face moisturizer for your under eye area.. If it's good enough for your face, it must be good enough for you eye.. And I'm ok with that.. But sometimes, I just want a lil something extra for that delicate area under my eyes..

So here's my journey with eye creams..

This good lookin bottle came with so many promises. "A powerful time-fighting" says Shisedo. It claims to "reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and dullness, as it effectively hydrates and energizes skin".

Well did it? Not at all. Only thing I got from this light-weight eye cream was the moisture and it wasn't even a very long lasting moisturizer. This was a total waste of money for me.


Because I like shiseido a lot.. I wanted to give their eye cream line another chance.. So I went out and bought this one. Now this is marketed as an anti-dark treatment.. So it's meant to brighten the eye area and prevent dark circles from appearing..

The only brightening I got from this was from the fact that the actual cream was white in colour with light relfective properties.. I saw no changes in my dark circles at all.. But it did moisturize better than the bio-performance eye cream.


This is also another Japanese brand that I love. Kanebo has really great products which I have tried in the past and loved. So I thought, their eye cream will probably be just as good. So I picked this tiny yet expensive eye contour balm up. It promises to get rid of dullness, puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles.

This beautiful creamy light weight formula moisturized my eye area beautifully.. But that's all it did.. And I was looking for something more than just moisture! I hoped it would reduce my fine lines and dark circles.. But it didn't..


I went into Bobbi Brown to check out their Extra Hydrating Eye Cream.. It had a nice texture to it.. Very hydrating.. But the MUA recommended this for me.. This is more hydrating because it's a balm.. And at that time, my eye area was going through a very drying phase.. This product claims to fight puffiness, reduce fine lines, dry line as well as soothe and protect the skin because of the vitamins and plant extracts it contains.

Bobbi Brown suggests that this be used at night time only.. But I use it night and day.. The formula is different from any eye cream or balm I have come across as it is actually a balm balm! Not a cream like balm. So you have to really rub your fingers on the product to melt before applying it to the eye area.. Even then you have to be very careful with the application as it's not creamy enough to slide on..

Now I like this the most out of the eye creams I have used so far. It keeps my eye area hydrated all day long.. It can feel a little sticky at first but it goes away as the product sinks in.. And I had no problems using this as a base for my concealer.. My dryness is gone so I'm happy about that..

Would I recommend this for anyone? Hmm I'd say try it out at the store first.. Coz it ain't for everyone..

Win. (For me.. For now)

General Thot: It really bugs me that most eye creams expire 6 months after opening them.. With some eye creams, it's almost impossible to finish the whole thing in 6 months! I had to throw away one of the ones I had coz it was over 6 months.. And there was still a fair bit of product left. Companies should try to make eye creams last a lil longer as you only use a lil bit of it OR they should just sell less product for cheaper..

Eye Creams I wanna try:

Ren Lipovector Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
SkinCeuticals Eye Balm

Which eye creams were a fail/win for you?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Skincare Products: Face Masks - Part 2 -

So this is part 2 of the Face Masks review...

My irritated red face loves this mask. When my skin reacts to something (a product, the weather, food etc.) and becomes sensitive and irritated, this mask helps soothe the redness and calm the irritation from just one application. It contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. It also helps calm my angry acne..

The formula is like a thick cream and it dose not dry on your face.. You leave it on for 20 minutes and after you wash it off, your face looks instantly less irritated and less red.. I pair this mask with Mario Badescu's Healing Cream which has also worked wonders on my skin when irritated..

I actually only have a sample of this which I have had for a while.. I've maybe used this 3-4 times and I can still get one more use from the sample.. Mario Badescu has the BEST customer service I've come across.. They're very kind and generous..

Anyway, for those of you who tend to get irritated from time to time for some reason, this is a great mask to have around..

Would I repurchase? For sure! I really adore this.

My skin is naughty sometimes and it just decides to breakout when it feels like it! That's when my trusty Drying Mask comes to the rescue.. Unlike the Healing & Soothing Mask, this does not work like magic.. It takes time as my breakouts are very stubborn.. I apply this thick brown smelly mask on affected areas only (my jaw line) and let it sit for 30-40mins before I wash it off.. As the name says, this sulfur based mask dries up your pimples without further irritation as it has some soothing ingredients in it as well which makes it is suitable for sensitive skin..

Would I repurchase? I would. I think it does help with my acne.. But you just have to be a little patient with it..

I can't not have a Lush face mask as I just simply adore Lush.. This is a clay mask with ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds that help exfoliate your skin. So this is like a 2 in 1 mask. It cleanses your skin while you're waiting for it to dry and helps remove the dead skin when you begin to massage the mask off with water. This contains peppermint oil which is so refreshing..

I really like this mask.. My skin feels very clean and smooth after.. I would recommend it to everyone.. And the tub will last you a looong time.. We have one tub that the whole family uses =P

Would I repurchase? Without a doubt! And would also looove to try Lush's fresh masks. Haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

I got this before I ever discovered Mario Badescu and Lush.. 

This is meant to be a deep cleansing mask for acne-prone skin. It contains lemon tea tree oil and menthol which gives your skin that cooling effect. This isn't bad. But I've tried better. I don't think it did an amazing job with my blemishes.. It was just ok.

Would I repurchase? No. There are much better Masks out there.

I know not many people are familiar with Jan Marini but they have some really great products and this is one of them. Now this can fall under both Masks and Exfoliators as it's an exfoliating mask. It contains ingredients that help remove dead skin cells without aggravating the skin surface with exfoliating beads. This exfoliating mask also results in "dramatically accelerating" the process of skin rejuvenation, getting rid of acne, hyper-pigmentation and scar reduction. Many people claimed that after religiously using this, they do not need to go to their Botox session as this helps tighten and firm the skin. Now I can't claim that I felt any kind of firming or lifting as I am too young to have deep wrinkles or sagging skin to begin with.

This mask leaves my face brighter and cleaner. It's really great for all skin types, especially those suffering from active acne and from any kind of hyper-pigmintation because it exfoliates without those scrubby little beads.

Would I repurchase? For sure! I'll have this by my side forever!

Now on to my FAVOURITE mask so far.......

My relationship with this mask was love at first use! I got a sample of this at first which I got 4-5 applications out of and after using it just once, I knew I had to buy the full size. Never have I tried a mask for my pores where I saw results instantly! I'm not kidding. I wash this mask off after letting it sit for 20mins and my enlarged pores look tighter!!

This is clay mask deep cleanses and purifies your skin by gently getting rid of any impurities (oil, dirt, toxins) that sit on your skin and clog those pores. At the same time, because it contaitns Aloe Vera, it helps soothe, hydrate and protect sensitive skin.

I reccomend this to EVERYONE! Just go to Kiehl's and ask for a sample.. They're very generous with their samples.. Try it out and see for yourself and lemme know how it worked on your skin.. I'd love to hear your experience with this..

Oh and one more thing, this mask comes in a huge container which will last you a very long time.. And for the product you're getting, it's really not that pricey.

Would I repurchase? Seriously.. Need you ask?

And that's the end of my Face Mask Review..

I really do hope that this has helped you guys in some way and if you have any further questions about any of these products, please do not hesitate to lemme know.. I'd love to help you out in any way that I can..

Do tell if you've tried any of these products.. And please lemme know if you recommend any other face masks that you have tired..


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skincare Products: Face Masks - Part 1 -

My all time favourite skincare products are Face Masks.. I enjoy applying them and I enjoying seeing the results after I wash them off..

Because I have tried so many face masks, I will divide the Face Masks Review into two parts..

So starting with Korres Face Masks...

This mask is made for oily & combination skin and it is suppose to cleanse your skin and help minimize your pores. It's creamy and it doesn't really harden on your face. After washing it off, I didn't really feel that "cleansed".. It was just ok.. It didn't make much of a difference to my skin.. I use it when I'm not sure which mask to put on..

Would I repurchase? Definitely Not.

This mask is creamier than the Pomegranate mask.. It actually feels like a moisturizer more than a mask.. But I felt better results with this one than the Pomergranate one.. It left my skin looking brighter and fresher.. I got it to help brighten my acne scars, but I don't think it's strong enough for those stubborn marks..

Would I repurchase? No coz I think there's something better out there to help brighten my skin overall including my acne scars.

This is such an interesting mask and it is made for my kinda skin type. Oily Dehydrated Skin. People tend to think Oily skin don't need hydration but they doooo! I have combination skin and this works so well for me. On days when I feel that my skin is more on the drier side, I slap this baby all over my face.. And when I take it off, I'm left with skin that is less thirsty. Like the Wild Rose Mask, this also is very creamy in texture..

Would I repurchase? Yes I would coz I need a hydrating mask in my collection.

Like Korres, TheFaceShop also works with natural products which is what attracted me to the brand in the first place. This is meant to help with the pores and congested skin. I've used it for a while and didn't see results at all in terms of smaller pore size.

It's a clay mask and it dries on your face.. My skin does feel cleaner after I wash it off but nothin special at all..

Would I repurchase? Nope. I actually gave this away to my sister who needed a mask.

I read so many reviews on Mask Sheets but never really understood how they can actually work better than the normal type masks.. So I bought this to see for myself.

Firstly, the sheet did NOT fit my face at all! It was waay too big.. It was uncomfortable.. Secondly, I looked hella scary! =P Thirdly, this Aloe Mask Sheet is meant to soothe and hydrate the skin but it just didn't feel nice at all on my skin.. I didn't feel that the substance on the sheet actually sunk into my skin.. And after takin the sheet off, my skin was just bleh.. Nothing and I mean nothing felt or looked different about my skin.. But to be fair, I tried another sheet mask from the same brand hoping to get some result.. But still nothing..

Would I repurchase? Never. It turned me off all Mask Sheets.

That's all for Part 1

Part 2 coming very soon which will include my all time favourite mask 

So Stay Tuned ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Beauty in the Ugliness

This post is about the opposite of Beauty and how that opposite can lead to a more Beautiful Beauty.. It is about the Ugliness of people and the result of what that ugliness has lead to...

Photography By: Karezoid

I know some of you might not care or might not even know about it, but I'm talkin about what is going on in the Arab World right now..

In Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and the list goes on...

People in the Arab World have been hungry for democracy for a long time and now the time has finally come for them to fight for that democracy.. So for those of you who think that what is happening is merely another crazy Arab issue, be assured that you are very wrong..

This affects us all in all parts of the world.. One way or another..

You might call them Crazy or Terrorists or Backwards.. But right now all I see are Heroes.. People who are standing up for

Justice.. Freedom of Expression.. Loyalty and Love towards their country..

To me, those Freedom Fighters are the true Heroes who have stemmed up from all the Ugliness that is called Injustice..

I ask you to please take a second to just Pray for those who have been wrongfully accused and abused.. Take a second to pray for those who are fighting for their simple right to express their thoughts without fear.. Just a second to pray for those Freedom Fighters that are changing the history of the world right now as I am typing this..

May God Give Them The Strength To Go On And Be Strong

May God Bring Peace To Us All

"We live in a Beautiful World But Ugly Souls Push the Button"

Cream Blushes

So let's talk about my favourite topic.. BLUSH!

I thought I'd start with cream blushes as my cream blush collection isn't as big as the powder blush collection..

So let us begin....

I keep forgetting that I have this blush.. It's a gorgeous peach.. Applies sheerly but is definitely buildable.. Gives such a nice flush to the face.. It has tiny tiny gold shimmer that is very subtle when applied to the cheeks.. It is not dewy but not completely matte either..


When I apply this on its on, it doesn't stay on for long on my cheeks.. But if you apply a nice light peach (e.g. NYX Peach or Illamasqua Lover) or any pink powder blush on op, it makes your powder blush pop! So I'd use this as a base for my powder blush.

This is such a lovely barbie pink colour.. It's not as sheer as the Shiseido one but is not scary to work with either.. It gives your cheeks that dewy look without the sticky feeling.. The formula is so easy to blend and it lasts a fairly long on your cheeks..


There are so many other shades that are really beautiful.. I would recommend this for those who want to start with cream blushes..

When I used this the 1st time.. I was in love.. The formula is so light and blends easily.. It gives your cheeks a nice rosey coraly matte flush which I like as it looks very natural.. This did not stay put as long as I expected it to but it did pretty well..


I highly reccomend this product for those who like a matte flushed cheek.. I'm thinking of grabbing a few more of these.. The colour range available is stunning!

I had such high hopes for this cream blush but it was such a disappointment.. NARS powder blushes are so amazingly pigmented and long-lasting.. This was the total opposite.. The formula is extremely light that you need to pack the product on to get the colour to show on your skin (well on my skin tone at least - NC25-30)


The colour is really pretty and it gives a lovely glow to the cheeks.. So I guess I'll be using this as a base for better pigmented powder blushes..

Another disappointment from NARS.. I've heard such great things about NARS Multiples and I have been wanting NARS Orgasm Blush for the longest time.. So when I saw this, I thought PERFECTION! Just what I'm looking for.. My excitement however soon disappeared when I applied this on my cheeks.. The colour barely showed up on my skin and I had to rub such a huge amount of product to get the colour pay off.. The formula is exactly like the NARS cream blush.. It feels oily a lil so I did not expect it to stay on for long..


So since these don't work so well on my cheeks.. I only use them as eye shadows.. And the colours are really amazing for eye shadows.. But then again.. They don't stay on for that long unless you have a good primer underneath.. NARS should really look into changing the formula of their cream blushes..

I don't even think that this product needs an explanation.. I'm sure most of you have this or have read reviews about it.. I was a little hesitant before purchasing this cream blush.. I thought it might be sticky and just too dewy.. But oh was I wrong.. This is such a beautiful cream blush.. It beats MAC's powder blushes hands down.. Gives such a glow and the colour is one that suits all.. It also makes a great blush base for any powder blushes.. I'm so disappointed that MAC has discontinued these.. Luckily I got mine before it's too late =P

I used this a long time ago when I was a teenager and when I came across it again one time, I just had to repurchase.. This is the only VERY long lasting blush I came across.. It gives your cheeks such a beautiful rosey tint.. Applies lightly at first.. But is surely buildable.. The only reason I don't wear this as much as I would like to is coz of the streakiness that may come with this product if not applied VERY carefully.. This stains your cheeks within seconds of application so you have to work VERY fast with it.. Also, I really don't like the nail polish brush type of application.. Wish it came in different packaging AND in various shades too.. But still a really great blush for those who do not like to reapply.. oh and it smells like rose water..

Last but definitely not least....

Now these were such a surprise.. But in a very good way.. They're sooo creamy and melt into your skin like a dream.. Glow is beautiful pink with no shimmer.. I thought it would be similar to MAC Ladyblush but it's brighter.. It's actually the reason why I did not purchase MAC's Posey Cream Blush as I thought it was very similar to it..

Golden on the other hand is a peachy beige with gold shimmers.. Makes an amazing highlighter and a perfect base for bronzers.. I love this colour.. When worn by itself it gives your cheeks the loveliest healthy glow.. If you're looking to get NYX cream blushes, you must try Golden.. Especially now that summer is comin up..


The formula of these cream blushes is the best I've come across.. They're so much better than MAC's Blush Cremes and a lot more pigmented too.. So you need only a tiny bit to get a really good colour pay off.. These give your cheeks a nice dewiness without the stickiness.. NYX Cream Blushes honestly surprised me..

And that is the end of my Cream Blush review... I really wanna try Illamasqua's cream blushes so I'll get my hands on those as soon as I can..

Do you wear cream blushes? If so, what are your favourites?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bobbi Brown: Corrector & Concealer Kit

I love Bobbi Brown. I think they have many products that are underrated and are sooo much better than other makeup brands such as MAC.

But this post is about....

L-R: Corrector, Concealer Kit

I've heard and read soooo many great things about these. So when I finally decided to pass by the Bobbi Brown store, I thought I might as well check them out.. I got the MUA to try it out on me. At first I really did not understand why I need a corrector.. I thought this lady is just tryna sell me more products.. So I asked her to do one eye with the Corrector and Concealer and the other eye with just the Concealer.

And wow lemme tell you.. There was a huge difference between both eyes.. The one that had the corrector underneath the concealer looked brighter and fresh.. While with the other eye, I could still see my dark circles and it looked a lil ashy..

I loved how the combination looked so I was sold! I got the Corrector in Bisque and the Concealer Kit in Warm Natural

And today the Corrector is actually my favourite and I use it a lot more than the concealer.. It does a really good job in covering my dark circles because of the Peachy undertone which helps eliminate the blueish greyish rings around my eyes.. It is so creamy and smooth when applied to the under eye area.. And the small pot surprisingly lasts a long time as you only need a little bit.. 

As for the Concealer Kit.. It comes with the concealer on top and a pale yellow loose powder at the bottom..  The concealer is the same consistency as the corrector so it also applies nicely.. But the powder.. Not so great.. If I do apply it on top it makes my under eye look so cakey! So I tend to ignore that step.. 

Now as lovely as these Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer Kit are.. I am still on the hunt for a good concealer... Why?


The Bobbi Brown MUA said that I HAVE to buy their hydrating eye cream if I didn't want the creasing.. But I mean come oooon.. I use an eye cream underneath and it still CREASES!!! I don't need to buy THEIR eye cream to make it work.. And since they don't give samples.. What if it doesn't work?! And that eye cream ain't cheap I tell ya..

A few minutes after I apply it, it creases.. So I take my ring finger and I gently tap my under eye area.. Then during the day.. More creasing! I mean seriously! I don't wanna have to worry about my concealer when I'm out.. I tried powdering it with the powder it comes with and like I said earlier.. Cakey.. I used other powders.. Still not a good look.. 

So I'm still gonna use the corrector but I'm on the hunt for a concealer that covers well without the creasing... 

Do you guys have the same problem with this or any other Concealer? And what concealer is workin for you?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Skincare Products: Toners

For the longest time I just didn't understand the use of Toners.. I felt that it was just another way for companies to make more money.. But after trying out a few toners and found the one that suited me best, I understood why they're an essential part of the cleaning process..

So on to Toners...

This product was waaaay too harsh for my skin.. It felt too Alcoholy and it dried me out.. I did not like this toner at all.. I know so many swear by this, but it did absolutely nothing for my skin.. It's sooo not worth the hype..

Now this on the other hand was amazing. This was the toner that changed my view on all toners in the world. It's an amazingly gentle toner that contains plant extracts which help in taking off any leftover dirt and makeup without drying you out. It has a cooling effect on the skin and after my bioglycolic cleanser, this toner is a must!

I started using this when my skin got dehydrated. So I'd use the Korres toner in the morning and this at night to give my skin that extra hydration. It's gentle, smells lovely and has such a nice cooling effect on my skin.. It does not dry me out and does a really good job in taking off any extra makeup left on my skin..  

This is a staple in my skin care.. I mix this with the above toners to help with my acne. It's lovely and refreshing! This is a must have!

I use all the above toners except for the Clinique one which I threw away! Yup I hated it that much..

What toners are you using? And do you see a difference?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skincare Products: Cleansers

Hey guys.. So I'm gonna do a series of Skincare products where I'll post some of the products I have used and will do a brief review on each one..

Starting with Cleansers...


Now I know not many people have heard of Jan Marini, but they have amazing products for real. This cleanser has helped clear my sister's skin dramatically. I just started using it recently hoping it would clear my hormonal acne *Fingers Crossed*
This must be applied on a dry makeup-free face and you then have to massage it into your skin for a minute or two.. After that, I leave it on for another minute or two then I wash it off with warm water and at night with my clarisonic mia.

Here's what the company says about this cleanser:
  • Excellent cleanser for all skin types
  • Contains glycolic acid as a follicular cleansing aid and resurfacing agent
  • Enhances the benefits of other glycolic acid products
  • Thorough and deep cleansing action
  • Excellent for acne-prone skin
  • Naturally derived humectants leave skin soft and hydrated

Now they say that some may see that their acne is increasing and apparently that's because this product is suppose to bring out the dirt to the surface then diminish it. So I'm being patient.. And I'll update you for sure.

I have really enjoyed this cleanser. It leaves my skin so clean and fresh. It does make my skin a little tight but not in a drying way. It's great for troubled skin as it has tea tree oil. I do feel that it's helped my skin a lot. And the fact that it has natural ingredients is the biggest selling point for me.

This cleanser is super gentle but it removed my makeup pretty well. It's meant for combiniation and oily skin. It's alcohol-free  I got it because of all the great natural ingridents it possess. I don't feel it did anything WOW to my skin. It was just nice while it lasted.

This cleanser was a waste of money for me. It did nothing. Ok to be fair, it did cleanse.. But I didn't feel that it deep cleansed my skin like the other cleansers I've tired did. Got nothin more to say about this. It might've worked for many but for me it didn't do much.

And that's it for cleansers

Verdict - My 2 favvourite cleansers are:

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser

Lush Fresh Farmacy

What are your favourite cleansers?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: My All Time Favourite Lush Products

There isn't anything from Lush I bought that I didn't enjoy using.. But there are 3 products that I'm just in love with and they have given me amazing results.

This is the BEST soap I've ever used! It gently exfoliates your skin while moisturizing it like no other moisturizer. It leaves your skin so nice and moist that you don't need to apply lotion after. Some may not enjoy this as they feel that there is residue left but that's just the moisture in the soap and once you dry yourself, the oiliness is gone and you're just left with skin that is hydrated and soft. 

The exfoliators in this soap are crushed rice, almonds and beans. As for the moisture, it's cocoa and shea butter. The perfect ingredients for the smoothest skin.

The only issue I have with this soap is that it melts too quickly so you have to be careful not to let the water run on it. I rub it once all over my body quickly then use my hands to exfoliate.

I have tried so many foot creams and nothing and I mean nothing worked as well as this one. I apply this at night and wear cotton socks and in the morning I'm left with super soft feet.

It's a buttery texture that is so rich and smells so yummy! Because of the lemons in this product, it has lightening features which makes it's perfect for my knees, elbows and hands. I love this product. It's a definite staple in my life!

My hair isn't damaged but it is dyed. So my ends are dry and I have to get a trim frequently which isn't so good when you're tryna grow your hair. I have been using R&B religiously after every wash (I wash my hair every 2 days). I rub a good amount on wet hair and on my ends only. You can apply it on your roots but I have oily roots. Not a big fan of the smell but it ain't too bad. And it doesn't weight your hair down at all. But make sure not to over apply the product.

It's been 2 months and I do not need to get a trim as my ends are not so bad at all. I love this product. It keeps my hair frizz-free and behaved. And the ingredients in this are just amazing: tropical butters, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, calming oat milk and orange blossom. This product is a must-have for those who want to have moisturized soft hair.

If I were to pick one product out of these 3..
I'll have to go for the R&B Hair Moisturizer coz nothing worked for my hair as well as this did and to me, my hair is more important than my body and my feet =P

What are your favourite Lush products? 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Foundation Review: Annayake Anti-Ageing Cream Foundation SPF15

I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for a GREAT foundation.. I have waaay too many which I will review in the near future but none have come close to being by Holy Grail foundation as Annayake Anti-Ageing Cream Foundation SPF15 has.

Annayake is a Japanese brand and I blindly trust the Japanese when it comes to skincare.. I feel that they know their stuff.. Annayake is not a very well known company on this side of the world and I came across it by coincidence.

This is a cream foundation that glides on sooo smoothly giving you such a beautiful flawless dewy look. I'm loving this foundation so much.. I'd say that it's light to medium coverage but buildable.. I still need to use concealer with this as I have some acne scars to hide.. But I really don't mind that..

I have combination skin, so naturally I was a little worried about this making me too oily when I first got it. However, the great thing is it moisturized my face without adding any extra oils to it. I do have to use a powder with this but I use the smallest amount on my cheeks as I loove to keep that dewy look.. For those who are super oily, you might not want to add too much moisturizer before this foundation as this might just be moisturizing enough.  

Here's what Annayake says about this Foudation:
"This is the ideal foundation for all women in search of a flawless make-up result, while benefiting from a high-performance anti-ageing skincare product. It combats skin ageing and protects the skin with its exclusive formula containing powerful anti-ageing ingredients".
So you get the best of both worlds with this foundation.. Ageing prevention plus a beautiful complexion!

Unfortunately this comes in a jar which I don't like coz you gotta scoop the product out which is unhygienic.. It does come with a spatula but I would have much preferred a pump.. But anyway, it's not that big of a deal.. I dot this all over my face then I use my Sigma F80 and stipple it all over.. I blend it out at the edges only.. I prefer doing it that way as I find it gives me more of a fuller coverage..

Final Thoughts:
Now this is a fairly expensive product but because you need the smallest amount, it will last you a long time.. And the fact that it is anti-ageing as well as a great foundation I think justifies the price.. When it comes to products that I know will help my skin get better, I really don't mind putting in that extra bit of money..

Their colour range however is VERY limited. Only 4 shades. But I have found my perfect colour (I can use 45 Naturel or 55 Sable in summer) so I'm happy.

When I got this foundation, I was given a few samples of their moisturizers which I found to be soooo lovely on the skin.. My sister also used my samples and went back asking for more samples that suit her skin type better as she loved the way it felt on her skin and wanted to check out what else they offer before dishing out some money on their products.. 

If you do come across Annayake I highly highly recommend that you check out their products.. They're truly amazing..

Have any of you heard of Annayke? What foundation are you loving at the moment?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Nuxe Reve de Miel - Baume Levres/Lip Balm

Ok so I have tried sooo many lip balms out there and none really WOWed me.. For some odd reason, I sometimes wake up in the morning and find the sides of my lips very dry and cracked! It's horrible.. So I went on the hunt for a lip balm that would fix that problem.. I searched high and low.. Even purchased By Terry's infamous Baume De Rose Lip Care but found that although it was good and luxurious, it just wasn't that great and I still woke up with cracked lips.

So because I've been really into natural products recently, I thought I'd check out Nuxe as they use many natural ingredients in their products..

And I came across my Holy Grail of all Lip Balms...

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The formula is not your typical lip balm formula where it is creamy and soft etc. The formula of this lip balm is actually hard and thick.. But melts oh so nicely and effortlessly when you rub it.. The more you rub with your fingers or rub your lips together the smoother it gets on your lips.. So don't freak out if you feel that it's heavy.. U need a small amount and just rub rub rub and you'll see that it melts melts melts..

When applied to your lips, it moisturizes instantly but it stays matte! Yes unusual I know! But that's one of the things I love most about this.. Coz it makes a GREAT lipstick base (especially if you like wearing matte lipsticks) and you do not have to take it off like you would any glossy lip balm..
The best thing about this product for me is that I wake up in the morning after applying it at night, and my my lips are not cracked!!! So it does what it claims in terms of repairing your damaged lips!

Oh and the product goes on sheer.. So you don't have to worry about your lips looking yellow or anything like that..

Here's what Nuxe says about this product:

No preservatives 
No artificial scents
Tastes of Honey and Grapefruit
Active Ingredients are: Acacia Honey & Shea Butter to nourish and intensely repair and Grapefruit Essence which provides a nice sensation of well-being

Final Thoughts:
This is a great lip balm for those who are looking for a moisturizing and repairing yet matte lip balm.. It's a great lip balm for those who like using products with as many natural ingredients as possible.. It is a great lip balm for those who don't like their hair getting stuck on their lips..

This definitely is one of my greatest finds!

What are some of your favourite lip balms or not so favourite ones?

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