Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bobbi Brown: Corrector & Concealer Kit

I love Bobbi Brown. I think they have many products that are underrated and are sooo much better than other makeup brands such as MAC.

But this post is about....

L-R: Corrector, Concealer Kit

I've heard and read soooo many great things about these. So when I finally decided to pass by the Bobbi Brown store, I thought I might as well check them out.. I got the MUA to try it out on me. At first I really did not understand why I need a corrector.. I thought this lady is just tryna sell me more products.. So I asked her to do one eye with the Corrector and Concealer and the other eye with just the Concealer.

And wow lemme tell you.. There was a huge difference between both eyes.. The one that had the corrector underneath the concealer looked brighter and fresh.. While with the other eye, I could still see my dark circles and it looked a lil ashy..

I loved how the combination looked so I was sold! I got the Corrector in Bisque and the Concealer Kit in Warm Natural

And today the Corrector is actually my favourite and I use it a lot more than the concealer.. It does a really good job in covering my dark circles because of the Peachy undertone which helps eliminate the blueish greyish rings around my eyes.. It is so creamy and smooth when applied to the under eye area.. And the small pot surprisingly lasts a long time as you only need a little bit.. 

As for the Concealer Kit.. It comes with the concealer on top and a pale yellow loose powder at the bottom..  The concealer is the same consistency as the corrector so it also applies nicely.. But the powder.. Not so great.. If I do apply it on top it makes my under eye look so cakey! So I tend to ignore that step.. 

Now as lovely as these Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer Kit are.. I am still on the hunt for a good concealer... Why?


The Bobbi Brown MUA said that I HAVE to buy their hydrating eye cream if I didn't want the creasing.. But I mean come oooon.. I use an eye cream underneath and it still CREASES!!! I don't need to buy THEIR eye cream to make it work.. And since they don't give samples.. What if it doesn't work?! And that eye cream ain't cheap I tell ya..

A few minutes after I apply it, it creases.. So I take my ring finger and I gently tap my under eye area.. Then during the day.. More creasing! I mean seriously! I don't wanna have to worry about my concealer when I'm out.. I tried powdering it with the powder it comes with and like I said earlier.. Cakey.. I used other powders.. Still not a good look.. 

So I'm still gonna use the corrector but I'm on the hunt for a concealer that covers well without the creasing... 

Do you guys have the same problem with this or any other Concealer? And what concealer is workin for you?


Beauty Addict said...

It seems Bobbi Brown now has a new concealer! Should be in stores next month or so...
I never tried this one, it's a shame it creases on you!

prettyinthedesert said...

I actually get the creasing as well, and I use their eye cream. I think it's just the concealer. It doesn't crease as much if I use the powder on top to set it. I don't use the puff that comes with it though, I use my mac fluffy blending brush, it's the perfect size. I just hate the packaging. The powder lid is so hard to open and it always gets every where!

Makeup and Macaroons said...

I've never tried this but have read pretty good reviews about them too. None about the creasing though so thanks for the heads up!
I'm just using a cheapy concealer which is fantastic for me, Elf All Over Cover Stick. Covers all blemishes, dark circles and doesn't crease all day.

Delyteful Speaks said...

Beauty Addict - The new BB concealor will be the same formula but different packaging is what I heard..

prettyinthedesert - yah the powder lid sucks! But I never open it anymore as the powder doesn't really do it for me..

Makeup and Macaroons - I actually never tried any drugstore concealers.. I might just check them out.. Thanks hun =)

Kelly said...

Right now I use MAC studio finish consealer, but I've heard so many good things about the Bobbi Brown Correctors but they're quite expensive right? Are they really worth the money? Is the difference that huge? Because the concealer makes me look quite awake.

kay eh tea ei. said...

I've only got one product from BB and thats the shimmer brick! I really need to get some more.
I wanna try their blushes :)
I hate creasing under eye products, so awful! :( hope you find a way to get round it.
ps. thanks for the lovely comments xxx

TaTa said...

Sorry to hear about the creasing, it seemed like such a goood product! I myself am I a hunt for my HG concealer as well :) I'm almost out of my Benefit Boi-ing, I'm not sure if i should repurchase or not because I know there are better concealers out there! The problem is I have to find out what works best for me! Best of luck finding your HG concealer:)

Delyteful Speaks said...

Kelly - I really wanna try MAC studio finish concealer.. Are they any good for undereye? If you wanna get a bobbi brown undereye product, get the corrector.. It does brighten the eye..

kay eh tea ei - BB blushes are gorgeous.. And thanks for for passing by =)

TaTa - Thanks heaps hun... And all the best in finding your HG concealer too =P

Musing on Beauty said...

I've never used the Corrector, but the concealer works great for me. I must say that I like the powder that comes with it, and indeed if I don't powder it, it will crease, so I always make sure I do use it. I apply with a fluffy blending blush and not with the puff they give you with it, it makes a lot of difference in avoinding cakeyness.

Jo said...

The creasing is exactly the same for me! It looks lovely at first but no matter what i do it's creases, and then when it does you can see my circles again.

The corrector i have is too dark for my skin but i keep meaning to try it in a better colour.

Nice review hun :) xoxo

Rachy said...

very interesting review and to be honest (although i dont wan't to admit it cause i paid so much for it) i am finding it creases too which is a huge annoyance as ive been used to wearing non creasing liquid concealers for years. I also have really dark under eye circles which is why i was willing to pay so much to try these 2 products. And I agree also that the corrector does make a difference but then i think...why didnt they just combine the two or include the corrector in the kit to save us paying so much! (woah sorry to ramble lol) anyways i'll be doing a review of my one in the next couple of days xxx

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