Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: My All Time Favourite Lush Products

There isn't anything from Lush I bought that I didn't enjoy using.. But there are 3 products that I'm just in love with and they have given me amazing results.

This is the BEST soap I've ever used! It gently exfoliates your skin while moisturizing it like no other moisturizer. It leaves your skin so nice and moist that you don't need to apply lotion after. Some may not enjoy this as they feel that there is residue left but that's just the moisture in the soap and once you dry yourself, the oiliness is gone and you're just left with skin that is hydrated and soft. 

The exfoliators in this soap are crushed rice, almonds and beans. As for the moisture, it's cocoa and shea butter. The perfect ingredients for the smoothest skin.

The only issue I have with this soap is that it melts too quickly so you have to be careful not to let the water run on it. I rub it once all over my body quickly then use my hands to exfoliate.

I have tried so many foot creams and nothing and I mean nothing worked as well as this one. I apply this at night and wear cotton socks and in the morning I'm left with super soft feet.

It's a buttery texture that is so rich and smells so yummy! Because of the lemons in this product, it has lightening features which makes it's perfect for my knees, elbows and hands. I love this product. It's a definite staple in my life!

My hair isn't damaged but it is dyed. So my ends are dry and I have to get a trim frequently which isn't so good when you're tryna grow your hair. I have been using R&B religiously after every wash (I wash my hair every 2 days). I rub a good amount on wet hair and on my ends only. You can apply it on your roots but I have oily roots. Not a big fan of the smell but it ain't too bad. And it doesn't weight your hair down at all. But make sure not to over apply the product.

It's been 2 months and I do not need to get a trim as my ends are not so bad at all. I love this product. It keeps my hair frizz-free and behaved. And the ingredients in this are just amazing: tropical butters, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, calming oat milk and orange blossom. This product is a must-have for those who want to have moisturized soft hair.

If I were to pick one product out of these 3..
I'll have to go for the R&B Hair Moisturizer coz nothing worked for my hair as well as this did and to me, my hair is more important than my body and my feet =P

What are your favourite Lush products? 


Makeup and Macaroons said...

Oooh that hair moisturiser sounds so tempting, my ends are getting really unhealthy and i don't want to trim it yet (trying to grow it!), so I'm always on the lookout for great natural products.

Thanks for sharing.


Mademoiselle Chanel said...

Oooh I love Lush product, my favourite is Baby-Face.
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Fruity Lashes said...

this post is great and helpful. because i just need to pick up some new items from lush =) thanks!

btw, i have a contest/giveaway on my blog if you're interested

Kelly said...

Buffy and Lemony Flutter are my favourite Lush products too!

Beauty Addict said...

Totally agree on the first two. They are amazing! I'll have to try the hair care, I haven't tried it yet...

Confessions of a Beautyholic

YB* said...

SEX BOMB BATH BOMB FOR SURE! AND THE COMFORTER BUBBLE BAR! AND THEIR VANILLA DELITE LOTION! AHHH so much faves I can't pick one!! You'll see it on my blog though.

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