Friday, February 18, 2011

Skincare Products: Toners

For the longest time I just didn't understand the use of Toners.. I felt that it was just another way for companies to make more money.. But after trying out a few toners and found the one that suited me best, I understood why they're an essential part of the cleaning process..

So on to Toners...

This product was waaaay too harsh for my skin.. It felt too Alcoholy and it dried me out.. I did not like this toner at all.. I know so many swear by this, but it did absolutely nothing for my skin.. It's sooo not worth the hype..

Now this on the other hand was amazing. This was the toner that changed my view on all toners in the world. It's an amazingly gentle toner that contains plant extracts which help in taking off any leftover dirt and makeup without drying you out. It has a cooling effect on the skin and after my bioglycolic cleanser, this toner is a must!

I started using this when my skin got dehydrated. So I'd use the Korres toner in the morning and this at night to give my skin that extra hydration. It's gentle, smells lovely and has such a nice cooling effect on my skin.. It does not dry me out and does a really good job in taking off any extra makeup left on my skin..  

This is a staple in my skin care.. I mix this with the above toners to help with my acne. It's lovely and refreshing! This is a must have!

I use all the above toners except for the Clinique one which I threw away! Yup I hated it that much..

What toners are you using? And do you see a difference?


prettyinthedesert said...

Hi there! Thanks for the follow :) I think the Ladies Club have more makeup courses lined up for March, you can contact them for more details (I don't know the exact dates).
When I was at beauty school my trainers used to tell us how they used clinique toner to remove nail polish! I think they've since reformulated, but I still find them incredibly harsh.

Kelly said...

I just bought some LUSH Toner Tabs, have you ever used those?

Delyteful Speaks said...

prettyinthedesert - clinique toner to remove nail polish?!?!?! Daaamn!Thanks for that info.. and Thanks heaps for following..

Kelly - No I haven't tried it actually.. Is it any good?

"Haute Girl" said...

None! However I have always wanted to try a toner from the Boscia line.
i too thought toners were too harsh. they have come a long way. Great post

Liza said...

I hate clinique too.. i've used their 3-step kit for a while but it was way too drying and it made my acne worse!
Definitely going to try out the Korres toner :)

Amina said...

the korres toner sounds lovely i'm definitely going to try that. i'm using caudalie toner at the moment which is my favourite by far but it's just too expensive, i seem to get through it really quickly
amina x

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