Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skincare Prodcuts: Eye Creams

Are eye creams essential? I don't know.. But I like using them for prevention purposes..

Now many people say that you could just use your face moisturizer for your under eye area.. If it's good enough for your face, it must be good enough for you eye.. And I'm ok with that.. But sometimes, I just want a lil something extra for that delicate area under my eyes..

So here's my journey with eye creams..

This good lookin bottle came with so many promises. "A powerful time-fighting" says Shisedo. It claims to "reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and dullness, as it effectively hydrates and energizes skin".

Well did it? Not at all. Only thing I got from this light-weight eye cream was the moisture and it wasn't even a very long lasting moisturizer. This was a total waste of money for me.


Because I like shiseido a lot.. I wanted to give their eye cream line another chance.. So I went out and bought this one. Now this is marketed as an anti-dark treatment.. So it's meant to brighten the eye area and prevent dark circles from appearing..

The only brightening I got from this was from the fact that the actual cream was white in colour with light relfective properties.. I saw no changes in my dark circles at all.. But it did moisturize better than the bio-performance eye cream.


This is also another Japanese brand that I love. Kanebo has really great products which I have tried in the past and loved. So I thought, their eye cream will probably be just as good. So I picked this tiny yet expensive eye contour balm up. It promises to get rid of dullness, puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles.

This beautiful creamy light weight formula moisturized my eye area beautifully.. But that's all it did.. And I was looking for something more than just moisture! I hoped it would reduce my fine lines and dark circles.. But it didn't..


I went into Bobbi Brown to check out their Extra Hydrating Eye Cream.. It had a nice texture to it.. Very hydrating.. But the MUA recommended this for me.. This is more hydrating because it's a balm.. And at that time, my eye area was going through a very drying phase.. This product claims to fight puffiness, reduce fine lines, dry line as well as soothe and protect the skin because of the vitamins and plant extracts it contains.

Bobbi Brown suggests that this be used at night time only.. But I use it night and day.. The formula is different from any eye cream or balm I have come across as it is actually a balm balm! Not a cream like balm. So you have to really rub your fingers on the product to melt before applying it to the eye area.. Even then you have to be very careful with the application as it's not creamy enough to slide on..

Now I like this the most out of the eye creams I have used so far. It keeps my eye area hydrated all day long.. It can feel a little sticky at first but it goes away as the product sinks in.. And I had no problems using this as a base for my concealer.. My dryness is gone so I'm happy about that..

Would I recommend this for anyone? Hmm I'd say try it out at the store first.. Coz it ain't for everyone..

Win. (For me.. For now)

General Thot: It really bugs me that most eye creams expire 6 months after opening them.. With some eye creams, it's almost impossible to finish the whole thing in 6 months! I had to throw away one of the ones I had coz it was over 6 months.. And there was still a fair bit of product left. Companies should try to make eye creams last a lil longer as you only use a lil bit of it OR they should just sell less product for cheaper..

Eye Creams I wanna try:

Ren Lipovector Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
SkinCeuticals Eye Balm

Which eye creams were a fail/win for you?


Venus In Virgo said...

Great review! I think eye creams are really important because the wrinkling catches up with you later in life . I really want to try that Bobbi Brown eye balm. XOXO

●♥ PopBlush ♥● said...

Great review! Sorry to hear that only the Bobbi Brown worked for you. I also want to try the advanced night repair from EL! I've heard so many good reviews about it!

Straight Up Glam said...

An eye cream is very different from a face cream. The skin around your eyes is too delicate to use regular cream on, and doing so could cause milia, which is basically when oil accumulates (usually in the form of pesky white dots). That is why there are seperate creams for both =)
I love trying out different eye creams! I am in love with Bobbi Brown's Extra Eye Repair Cream. It is so hydrating! I use it mostly at night, and then my favorite eye cream for day is the new Anti Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel by Darphin! =)

Andrée xx

Delyteful Speaks said...

Venus In Virgo - Thanks hun.. Give the BB balm a go and lemme know how u like it =)

●♥ PopBlush ♥● - Yah I read some good reviews on it too.. Thanks for passin by

Straight Up Glam - Sweeet.. Thanks for that info.. Now I don't feel so bad about spending on eye creams =P Does the BB Extra Eye Repair do anything other than hydrate?

Anonymous said...

I want all the products you mentioned!!
I love the Botanics and effective. I totally recommend them.

TaTa said...

Thanks for the review! I should start using eye creams hahaha from your review I should go for the Bobbi Brown one :) xo


I've tried the burts bees eye cream but I don't know what it did...... Haha I think I need to wait for my wrinkles to come first xx

Anonymous said...

Hey im a real clinique girl not sure i could be converted, may do a review on it! wicked page :-)

Musicalhouses said...

Great review! I love hearing about products that don't work, in addition to ones that work - gives me an idea of what to avoid, LOL!

PopBlush said...

Hey Sweetie,

Yeah, Inglot claims the Makeup base has silicon in it. What are your favourite primers? I'm always on the hunt for good primers!

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