Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank God For Second Chances: Korres Wild Rose Foundation

Until I bought the Wild Rose Foundation..

Korres never really failed me...

I honestly almost got rid of this foundation until I thought for the love the brand, I'd give it one more chance.. And boooy am I glad I did..

I don't know what I was doing wrong before when applying this foundation coz I seemed to ALWAYS get it wrong.. It would be too oily on my skin.. Or to cakey.. Or just didn't blend well at all!

So I woke up one morning.. Picked this foundation up to give it one last try.. And with my hands I gently patted it all over my face until it disappeared completely.. Applying a thin layer at first and then adding another layer where needed..

And the result?
Gorgeous glowy skin!!!

The colour was perfect for me (WR3 and I'm an NW/NC30) and the finish was nice, fresh and healthy looking skin..

This did also stay on all day.. (Please note that I did apply powder on top)

And Korres promises a brighter skin with continous use.. So we'll see..

I think it kinda oxidizes a little bit throughout the day which kinda sucks but it's not so bad

It does transfer a little bit but most of my foundations do even with powder on top

I'm so glad I gave this a second chance coz I'm really loving the way it makes my skin look and feel.. I'm definitely keeping this now that I have figured out the technique that works for me..

Have any of you had this experience with any product where you almost gave up on it?

And has anyone tried the Korres Wild Rose Foundation?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Perfect Peach/Coral Cheek Combination

I have been searching high and low for that perfect coral blush but to no avail.. Everything I find is either too shimmery or too pink or just waay off..

So after playing around in my huge blush collection.. I came up with the Perfect Coral/Peach Blend! =D

So here it goes..

Firstly I apply my favourite cream blush..

The gorgeous Mac Virgin Isle CremeBlend using my MAC 188.. This cream blush is absolutely stunning! It's a bright coral that blends effortlessly on your cheeks giving you that beautiful flush..

And then I go ahead and apply my favourite peach blush..

The one and only Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover using any blush brush.. This bright peach is like no other.. It's so pigmented.. Lasts all day on your cheeks.. And is easily blended..


And that's all it is.. That's all I need to get my beautiful Coraly Peachy look for the summer..
This discovery has left me a very satisfied human being =)

What are you favourite Peach/Coral blushes?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I've Been Keeping My Face Hydrated: 3 Easy Steps

My face has been feelin so tight and dry lately and as a result, my makeup has been looking really eeky! And that is just unacceptable! So I've been trying out a few techniques to get the hydration back into my skin..

Here's what has worked for me...


This mask is a lifesaver when my skin is dehydrated. I apply it on cleansed face and leave it on for 30mins, then wash it off with warm water. I wrote a review on it here if you wanna read more about it.


This product is fairly new to my skincare collection and so far I'm loving it. It's toner that promises hydration, improvement in skin texture, and contains antioxidant properties which help fight signs of ageing and environmental damage.  

There aren't many reviews on this but this is such a great hydrating toner.. I spray this all over my dry face.. Let it sit for 5 seconds and while it's still wet I go on to step 3...


Now this I'm sure many of you have heard of.. It's a blend of various oils that help hydrate, regenerate, repair and replenish your skin. This product 99.8% natural so that's a great bonus! I used to use the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and this is very similar to it but in an oil form and more natural.

So I apply a few drops of this while the toner/mist is still on my face and massage in. I can instantly feel my thirsty skin quenching on to this oil. It's lovely. And because my face is damp when I apply this, I only need 2-3 drops for my face and neck.. 

I have been doing these 3 simple steps day and night for the past few days and my flakiness is practically gone and my skin is happy!

The main tip here is to apply your serum or moisturizer while your toner is still wet as it will help the product sink in better as well as last much longer.

Hope this helps all those dehydrated faces out there =)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Makeup Forever HD Powder

There was sooo much hype about this product that just turned me off this product big time.. I felt that it got to the point where people were just exaggerating.. But I have been looking for a powder to help keep my shine at bay and give me that velvety look.. And when I was at sephora one day, I thought I'll just try it out and see what the fuss is all about...

And then.. I find myself walkin to the counter carrying this product in my hand...

No I couldn't just walk away from this product.. The effect it had on my skin was one that no powder has done before.. It blurred my pores.. Mattified my complexion without makin it look dry or flat.. And it added no colour to my skin which is what I was lookin for..

Now I bought this before watching Wayne's video from gossmakeupartist on it which left me kicking myself for buying this product for a while as it really freaked me out.. He talked about how this powder was the reason for this happening to Nicole....

Horrible right? It looks invisible to our naked eyes.. But in flash photography this is what this powder looks like if not used sparingly..

I was turned off.. And I put that powder aside and started using others that I had lying around.. But some were too drying.. Wrong colour.. Cakey.. etc..

So one day I thought, lemme give this ago one more time.. And I fell for it all over again.. And now I shall not put this aside and I shall not be photographed while wearing this.. But I shall not repurchase either.. Yes it's a good powder, but I do want a powder that works the same AND looks good in photographs..

But for now, Ima keep using this...

Have you guys tried this powder? What are your thoughts on it?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

For those of you who read my review on the Bobbi Brown Concealer, you'll know how much I'm struggling to find a concealer that covers my dark circles without creasing.. So I read so many reviews on the MAC Studio Finish Concealer and thought I'd go to a MAC store and just try it out..
Formula: It's not as creamy as the Bobbi Brown concealer.. You need to warm this product or swirl your brush on it a few times before your get the right amount of product on your finger/brush.. But I don't mind that at all..

My Experience: I got this in NW30 and I use this with Sephora Profesionnel Crease Brush #10 (similar to MAC 224 but better in my opinion coz it's fluffier).. It works soooo well on my acne scars.. Hides them really well without much effort.. Blends nicely with my skintone.. It gives me a gorgeous satin finish that no other concealer has done before..

Now for my under eye circles, this was so nice at first.. But a few minutes later, the creases decided to show themselves.. It really disappointed me in that sense coz the finish was lovely and the colour was perfect for my under eye (I don't like my under eye area to be lighter than my skin colour)..

I used a powder with this and it still creased a tiny bit.. Ima continue using it coz I'm liking it much better than the Bobbi Brown one but I'll still hunt for that perfect under eye concealer.. I'm starting to think that maybe my eye cream could be too rich??? I dunno coz I did try it without an eye cream and I still saw them nasty creases creeping out.. I'll make it work somehow..

Do you have this problem with MAC Studio Finish Concealer?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Products That Just Didn't Work For Me

We all bought something that might have made us think to ourselves "why in the world did I even buy that?!" This post is about the products that just didn't do it for me.. I don't regret buying them.. And I'm still usin them just so I can use them up but I won't repurchase them for sure..

This product I could not continue using.. I had to throw it away.. It was too harsh with no results.. Never again am I coming near this evil thing.. Here's my mini review on it if you wanna read a lil more..

Lancome Tonique Pure Focus

I bought this to help with matify my T-zone as it contains a powder that helps control your oils.. But all it did was take my makeup off.. This has too much alcohol in it that my skin just did not like.. This product is a gimmick I reckon..

This was a total waste of money! To read my review on it, click here

I had such high hopes for this but it did nothing and I mean nothing to my pores! Yah it felt nice and it smelt good.. But made no changes to my pores or the appearance of them.. It's a totally overhyped product.. Not worth it at all.. I'm so glad I bought the small bottle.. I've had it for a while and I force myself to use it just so I can use it up and throw it away!

You know how there are some brightening serums that may not work completely well but they do lighten your acne scars/dark spots just a little? Well this didn't even do that! Such a waste of money this was.. I was better off not using this product.. Was really really disappointed with it..

Yah it gives a nice glow to the face.. Yah it has a slight tint to it the covers very minor imperfections.. Yah it's lightweight.. But this is sooo not worth it.. There are other products out there that give the same effect, with higher spf and are much cheaper.

I got this before I discovered my Lush Lemony Flutter which I adore.. I found this cream to be too thin for a long lasting hydration foot cream.. Unlike the Lemony Flutter, this did not heal my dry feet quickly.. And the smell ain't pretty..

I know sooo many people swear by this and would probably keep purchasing it for the rest of their lives.. But this isn't the greatest lip balm I've tried.. It moisturizes nicely and feels luxurious and all but my Nuxe Lip Balm moisturizes waaaaaay better.

Ahhh.. Another disappointing product from By Terry.. This foundation was the perfect shade for me.. And although it is light-medium coverage with an almost flat matte finish (which I'm not a huge fan off), I was able to work with it.. But what I couldn't stand was the way it sat and accentuated my pores! It wasn't pretty!

Many people have a love/hate relationship with this product and I am one of them.. I was so excited about this product at first but it disappointed me.. It feels light on but doesn't give me enough coverage AND it looks cakey.. I really wanted to love this.. I'm still trying to make it work for me.. But I am on the lookout for a different mineral foundation...

Hope these mini reviews help you in some way..

Have you tried any of these products? And what products do would you not repurchase?

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