Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank God For Second Chances: Korres Wild Rose Foundation

Until I bought the Wild Rose Foundation..

Korres never really failed me...

I honestly almost got rid of this foundation until I thought for the love the brand, I'd give it one more chance.. And boooy am I glad I did..

I don't know what I was doing wrong before when applying this foundation coz I seemed to ALWAYS get it wrong.. It would be too oily on my skin.. Or to cakey.. Or just didn't blend well at all!

So I woke up one morning.. Picked this foundation up to give it one last try.. And with my hands I gently patted it all over my face until it disappeared completely.. Applying a thin layer at first and then adding another layer where needed..

And the result?
Gorgeous glowy skin!!!

The colour was perfect for me (WR3 and I'm an NW/NC30) and the finish was nice, fresh and healthy looking skin..

This did also stay on all day.. (Please note that I did apply powder on top)

And Korres promises a brighter skin with continous use.. So we'll see..

I think it kinda oxidizes a little bit throughout the day which kinda sucks but it's not so bad

It does transfer a little bit but most of my foundations do even with powder on top

I'm so glad I gave this a second chance coz I'm really loving the way it makes my skin look and feel.. I'm definitely keeping this now that I have figured out the technique that works for me..

Have any of you had this experience with any product where you almost gave up on it?

And has anyone tried the Korres Wild Rose Foundation?


Jen W said...

I'm not sure what it is but I never really give foundation made by brands that mainly do skin care, a chance.

This one sounds interesting- glad you gave it the second chance!

Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

I still like Korres Wild Rose foundation!!And using it almost everyday!It applies better with fingers indeed doll!!


Delyteful Speaks said...

Jen W - I know what you mean but Korres for me is an exception.. I also love their bronzer and light foundation.. They feed your skin while giving you colour and coverage.. You should really check them out..

Blushingloves Irene Greece - Yaaah I'm so glad I used my fingers with it and patted on not blend it in.. Coz I'm lovin it!

Makeup Look/Catharina said...

I've never tried this foundation... or even heard of the brand to be honest. I'm guessing we don't have it here in Sweden. How good you didn't give up and tried it once more. Now you've inspired me to try out a few products that I've decided I don't like, but feel I should give one more chance! Thanks!!

Emily said...

I haven't tried ANYTHING by Korres but I'm definitely keen on trying this brand! The foundation sounds amazing!

Christina said...

Thanks for the review! I love the Korres brand as well but I've never tried this prodct before. I'm thinking that I must pop to the store and pick this up!


Kirstie Valerio said...

Wet n wild megalast lipsticks! When I first bought one, I opened it up and put it on in the car immediately , and was not impressed because it was so matte. I of course did not have on a lip balm underneath and this is a no no for sure. I threw it in my lippy drawer and it was lost for ages. Now about 2 years later, I have bought different colors and love the staying power!

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