Monday, February 21, 2011

Beauty in the Ugliness

This post is about the opposite of Beauty and how that opposite can lead to a more Beautiful Beauty.. It is about the Ugliness of people and the result of what that ugliness has lead to...

Photography By: Karezoid

I know some of you might not care or might not even know about it, but I'm talkin about what is going on in the Arab World right now..

In Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and the list goes on...

People in the Arab World have been hungry for democracy for a long time and now the time has finally come for them to fight for that democracy.. So for those of you who think that what is happening is merely another crazy Arab issue, be assured that you are very wrong..

This affects us all in all parts of the world.. One way or another..

You might call them Crazy or Terrorists or Backwards.. But right now all I see are Heroes.. People who are standing up for

Justice.. Freedom of Expression.. Loyalty and Love towards their country..

To me, those Freedom Fighters are the true Heroes who have stemmed up from all the Ugliness that is called Injustice..

I ask you to please take a second to just Pray for those who have been wrongfully accused and abused.. Take a second to pray for those who are fighting for their simple right to express their thoughts without fear.. Just a second to pray for those Freedom Fighters that are changing the history of the world right now as I am typing this..

May God Give Them The Strength To Go On And Be Strong

May God Bring Peace To Us All

"We live in a Beautiful World But Ugly Souls Push the Button"


Kelly said...

"We live in a Beautiful World But Ugly Souls Push the Button" <- What a beautiful quote!

r.alsharif said...

Amen to that, i live in Kuwait (part of the arab world) and whats happening to the countries surrounding us isnt right. It's sad to see people having to fight so hard just to be heard

Delyteful Speaks said...

I guess we should all take this as a lesson to be thankful to what we have and not take it for granted

Vanessa said...

I have definitely been praying for you part of the world!

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