Monday, February 21, 2011

Cream Blushes

So let's talk about my favourite topic.. BLUSH!

I thought I'd start with cream blushes as my cream blush collection isn't as big as the powder blush collection..

So let us begin....

I keep forgetting that I have this blush.. It's a gorgeous peach.. Applies sheerly but is definitely buildable.. Gives such a nice flush to the face.. It has tiny tiny gold shimmer that is very subtle when applied to the cheeks.. It is not dewy but not completely matte either..


When I apply this on its on, it doesn't stay on for long on my cheeks.. But if you apply a nice light peach (e.g. NYX Peach or Illamasqua Lover) or any pink powder blush on op, it makes your powder blush pop! So I'd use this as a base for my powder blush.

This is such a lovely barbie pink colour.. It's not as sheer as the Shiseido one but is not scary to work with either.. It gives your cheeks that dewy look without the sticky feeling.. The formula is so easy to blend and it lasts a fairly long on your cheeks..


There are so many other shades that are really beautiful.. I would recommend this for those who want to start with cream blushes..

When I used this the 1st time.. I was in love.. The formula is so light and blends easily.. It gives your cheeks a nice rosey coraly matte flush which I like as it looks very natural.. This did not stay put as long as I expected it to but it did pretty well..


I highly reccomend this product for those who like a matte flushed cheek.. I'm thinking of grabbing a few more of these.. The colour range available is stunning!

I had such high hopes for this cream blush but it was such a disappointment.. NARS powder blushes are so amazingly pigmented and long-lasting.. This was the total opposite.. The formula is extremely light that you need to pack the product on to get the colour to show on your skin (well on my skin tone at least - NC25-30)


The colour is really pretty and it gives a lovely glow to the cheeks.. So I guess I'll be using this as a base for better pigmented powder blushes..

Another disappointment from NARS.. I've heard such great things about NARS Multiples and I have been wanting NARS Orgasm Blush for the longest time.. So when I saw this, I thought PERFECTION! Just what I'm looking for.. My excitement however soon disappeared when I applied this on my cheeks.. The colour barely showed up on my skin and I had to rub such a huge amount of product to get the colour pay off.. The formula is exactly like the NARS cream blush.. It feels oily a lil so I did not expect it to stay on for long..


So since these don't work so well on my cheeks.. I only use them as eye shadows.. And the colours are really amazing for eye shadows.. But then again.. They don't stay on for that long unless you have a good primer underneath.. NARS should really look into changing the formula of their cream blushes..

I don't even think that this product needs an explanation.. I'm sure most of you have this or have read reviews about it.. I was a little hesitant before purchasing this cream blush.. I thought it might be sticky and just too dewy.. But oh was I wrong.. This is such a beautiful cream blush.. It beats MAC's powder blushes hands down.. Gives such a glow and the colour is one that suits all.. It also makes a great blush base for any powder blushes.. I'm so disappointed that MAC has discontinued these.. Luckily I got mine before it's too late =P

I used this a long time ago when I was a teenager and when I came across it again one time, I just had to repurchase.. This is the only VERY long lasting blush I came across.. It gives your cheeks such a beautiful rosey tint.. Applies lightly at first.. But is surely buildable.. The only reason I don't wear this as much as I would like to is coz of the streakiness that may come with this product if not applied VERY carefully.. This stains your cheeks within seconds of application so you have to work VERY fast with it.. Also, I really don't like the nail polish brush type of application.. Wish it came in different packaging AND in various shades too.. But still a really great blush for those who do not like to reapply.. oh and it smells like rose water..

Last but definitely not least....

Now these were such a surprise.. But in a very good way.. They're sooo creamy and melt into your skin like a dream.. Glow is beautiful pink with no shimmer.. I thought it would be similar to MAC Ladyblush but it's brighter.. It's actually the reason why I did not purchase MAC's Posey Cream Blush as I thought it was very similar to it..

Golden on the other hand is a peachy beige with gold shimmers.. Makes an amazing highlighter and a perfect base for bronzers.. I love this colour.. When worn by itself it gives your cheeks the loveliest healthy glow.. If you're looking to get NYX cream blushes, you must try Golden.. Especially now that summer is comin up..


The formula of these cream blushes is the best I've come across.. They're so much better than MAC's Blush Cremes and a lot more pigmented too.. So you need only a tiny bit to get a really good colour pay off.. These give your cheeks a nice dewiness without the stickiness.. NYX Cream Blushes honestly surprised me..

And that is the end of my Cream Blush review... I really wanna try Illamasqua's cream blushes so I'll get my hands on those as soon as I can..

Do you wear cream blushes? If so, what are your favourites?


TaTa said...

Funnily enough I've never tried cream blushes! I think the reason is because I don't have a lot of imperfections, so i'm afraid that using cream blush might make it more noticeable (esp pores) if that makes sense haha! But I really do want to try the NYX blushes and judging your review it seems like a really nice product :) Looks like I'll be making a NYX purchase soon!

TaTa said...

Opps sorry! Forgot to proof read >< I mean I do have a lot of imperfections :(

Delyteful Speaks said...

TaTa - Believe me when I say I've got large pores! And I mean large noticable open pores.. Cream blushes won't emphasis the pores if you have a good base to begin with..

Have you tried Benefit's POREfesional? Read my review on it here

It'll really help minimize the appearance of pores.. Won't refine them but just make them look smaller..

Another thing that has worked wonders on my pores was Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque.. I honestly saw results from the 1st time which is VERY rare for me.. Ima do a review on it soon just for you ;)

Kelly said...

I own one cream blush from Illamasqua and I absolutely love it! Cream blush really gives my cheecks a dewy finish. That MUFE blush looks amazing!

prettyinthedesert said...

Aww. Shame you didn't like the Nars multiples. I have the stick versions and I love them. I also have a few Nyx ones, and you're right. It's surprising how great they are! I really wanna try the Makeup Forever ones.

"Haute Girl" said...

I was drooling over the MAC cream
blus until you said it was discontinued :-(

Delyteful Speaks said...

Kelly - Sweeet! Do a post on the Illamasqua cream bush if u can plz =D I'd love to know what you think of it

prettyinthedesert - Maybe the Multiple sticks are different? I dunno.. U should give MUFE a try for sure!

"Haute Girl" - I know some of the MAC stores near me still have it.. So go and ask.. You might just be lucky ;)

Kelly said...

Oh my list of to-do reviews is getting longer and longer but I'll try to do it as soon as I can! I'll just switch some things up haha

Nana. said...

Unfortunately I only have 1 cream blush and I don't have a right brush to put it on. But the blushes I've seen on here are gorgeous!! I think I loved every one of them (:

Amina said...

great post - i love the shiseido colour sticks - i have a highlighting one called champagne flush which is amazing and also rouge flush which i do seem to forget about as well!
the bobbi brown shade is lovely but i personally find them a bit thick, same for the mac blushcremes (but if you like them check out the shade britwit it's amazing!)
i've been interested in penny lane for ages but reluctant to try another nars cream blush after cactus flower which was a disaster, sounds like penny lane suffers the same problems.
finally just to say becca cream blushes are amazing, if you can get hold of them definitely worth investigating!
amina x

Delyteful Speaks said...

Nana - To tell u the truth, Your fingers are the best tool for cream blushes.. At least for me.. I do use a MAC 187 brush sometimes to give it that airbrushed look.. But figners work just as well..

Amina - Yah steer away from Penny Lane.. It's a pretty colour.. But just not worth it.. Thanks so much for your insight and for passin by =)

Vida said...

I love this post! I really want to try the NYX and bobbi brown ones. Are you sure the MAC ones are discontinued?? I hope not!

Christine said...

I love cream blush.<3

Caramel Scoops said...

I looove cream blushes!! And nyx are amazing! I feel macs cremeblushes are a bit too thick .. Nyx ones glide on your skin hhhh!!
I tried using my fingers for it today but it didnt work for me, my duo fiber brush works better for me :)

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