Saturday, July 7, 2012

Giveaway Tiiiime: Tom Ford Blush of your choice!!!!

YES! I'm giving away a Tom Ford Blush of your choice!!! Any shade your cheeks desire!

But this one is gonna be a little different from my previous giveaway.. Because the prize is a very high-end product, I will kinda make you work for it.. 

I want to change my blog's name so I'm getting you wonderful readers to help me out and the best suggestion will get the blush ;)

Here's what you have to do:

1- Be a follower
2- Suggest 1-3 new blog names for my blog
3- Leave your name & email after your suggestion(s)

Giveaway ends on the 31st of July 2012!

Note: This giveaway is open internationally =)

All the best my lovelies! 



Danielle said...

Aww, what a completely generous giveaway!!! I think you already know I'm a follower :)

Names: Beauty Delights, Beauty Most Rare, Delyteful Beauty

Danielle @

Jessica said...

This is a very generous and very exciting giveaway! I'm a follower, of course, GFC name is Getting Cheeky :)

- I love your "De.Like.Ful" posts, so I think that might be a cute and unique name.
- What Delyteful Likes Today
- Cosmetic Delytes

gettingcheeky @

LauraSummer said...

Woah you are so generous to your followers! I love your blog name anyway but suggestions:
Delyteful Desires
Delytefully Deluxe
Delyte in beauty

Hope you get lots of inspiration! X

Nila Kussriani said...

woow nice giveaway
hmm this is my suggestion:
Blush on Mascara

just simple name :D
Nila Kussriani

The Procrastinator said...

This is so generous of you!

Blog names: Pretty Delyteful, (I LOVE these posts!), Simply Delyted.

The Procrastinator,

Good luck to everyone!

Joyce said...

1. I'm following your blog through Google Friend Connect as Joyce

2. Delytefully Delicious
Dazzling Delyte

3. Joyce

Beauty and the Scientist said...

Awesome giveaway!!!!

My Daily Delytes, Delytefully Mine, Delicious Delytes

Follow as Beauty&theScientist
scot1630 at gmail dot com

Kysbel said...

I follow as Kysbel S on GFC.

well this is hard because I'm terrible with any sort of quirky fun creative name lol.

beauty and spice?

beauty spice and everything nice?

Pretty Delyteful


I tried! thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone ^.^


Lisa Brown said...

Blog name: Beauty Genesis
GFC: smurfette
email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

Lisa Brown said...

Blog name: Beautiful Beginnings
GFC: smurfette
email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

Lisa Brown said...

Blog name: Heart & Soul Beauty
GFC: smurfette
email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

Christina said...

Blog Name: DelytefulDiscovery/DelytefulDiscoveries
GFC: Christina

Karlie Zuchowski said...

1.Following as Karlie Zuchowski
2. -Dashing & Delyteful (or Delyteful & Dashing, same thing)
-Beauty's Delyte
-Delyted (a very simple name)
3. Karlie

lmc1971 said...

I'm a follower via GFC as lisa_carbone.

Hmmmm, how about one of these...

"Wonderfully Delyteful"

"Delytefully Fresh"


Best, Lisa


Lulu said...

I suggest Beauty Speaks, Delytful World of Beauty,
GFC: Lulu

Yu said...

1. GFC :)
2. "Delyte, She Types/Writes"
"Bon Delyte"
3. Yu,

Thanks for the lovely giveaway, I hope you find a name you like! :)

Christina Dragan said...

GFC: Christina Dragan

Blog names:
2) Mindful Beauty Geek

maya said...

Hey dear,

I really like your blog name already, so I have come up with something a little different and quite simple:

delyteful sparks


maya said...

My email is:

Safiyya said...

Love the giveaway, thank u so mucchh!!

I really spend some time thinking of another blogname, so here we go..

1) Delytening

2) Utters full Delyte

3) Delyteful Inside Out

4) Inner Delytes

Hope you find a blogname you're satisfied with! I know I'm still searching for mine, if ever, lol!

GFC: Safiyya, which is also my name..


Hugs, S.

Zein said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Really generous! You already know that I follow you ;)

If you want to keep the word "Delyteful", this is what I suggest:
- Delyteful Beauty
- What I De.Like.Ful

Or if you want to change a bit:
- The girl behind the lace mask
- Beauty and the city

Good luck finding a name!


Ebru said...

Thank you for such a generous and amazing giveaway :)

Blog names: Delytful Blogs, Delytful Recommends, Beauty Delights

ebrushkasmakeupbag @

Işık said...

GFC: Işık
B.Name: MakeupDelight, SoulDelight or HeartDelight

Jane Candor said...

1) GFC: Jane Candor

- Turkish Delyte (or you can replace Turkish with where you're from)
- Afternoon Delyte
- Why, I'd be Delyted

3) Jane, dreamsheal[at]

Sarah W said...

Google: Sarah W

Suggestions: Peace & Delyte, Delyteful by Design, Heart's Delyte


greek gal said...

I am following as greek gal

Title? I will try-not very good at it!
-The unending diary of a beauty hunter
-More beauty, please!

my e-mail is


Anonymous said...

.thanks for sharing

Julie said...

followed you

email is
name is Julie O'Brien

and names hmm
One Beauty
Beauty Form
Beauty Speaks

Elma said...


Beauty in Delyte

nagrade said...

GFC - nagrade

I suggest
beauty speaks
divine world

allthegiveaways [at] gmail [dot] com

Bloggingdales said...

What an amazing giveaway! Echoing what everyone has said, an incredibly generous one as well. It's especially great because it's no accessible here in Canada or internationally.

I'm following you (I think) via Google and on the blog making thing... I finally started my own so I'm a bit new to this. I'm following you as "meetmeatbloggingdales" on Google~

Some suggestions for the blog name:
1. Daily Delights - Simple and allows for a lot of themes and banners to be played off the name
2. Deliciously Light & Fluffy - I don't know why but when i read your current blog name, this is what I immediately thought of. Maybe you can share baking or food recipes from time to time too~
3. Dazed&Delighted

Mia Park

socialitedreams said...

what a delyte
delyte likes

socialitedreams at

Kate said...

This is an awesome giveaway!

My suggestions:
My Makeup Additions
So Beautyful
Simply Makeup

GFC name: Read This Book!
email: kate.readthisbook [at]

Gina said...

Beauty Delight


ann said...

here are my ideas -

en vogue
(not) quite obsessed
keep calm and make up
neon lipstick and feathery lashes
facing the day

gfc name - mohawk heels
name - ann
email -

SanjaFika said...

We Delyte in the Beautiful
Delightful Thoughts of a Beautiful Mind
Delights on my Brain
*I tried being creative lol
My email is

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Oh man, this is gonna be bad--but here goes!

1. De-Lyte of My Life
2. Lipstick & Delytes
3. Delyte in This
4. Beautiful. Charming. Delyteful.
5. The Daily Delights

Arrghh I can't think of anymore--sorry! :P I follow under the name The Beauty Sample--email: becca at mybeautysample dot com

Olga said...

Beauty Charms
In the times of beauty
Delytefully yours

I follow you as Olga

DRAGANA said...

GFC -dragana
suggestion - Delyteful humingbird

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