Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Inglot Freedom System Palette - Eye shadows & Lips

The more I try Inglot products, the more I fall in love with the brand.. The quality of their products is superb.. And for the price point, it's just amazing!
Inglot's Freedom System Palette is great.. You get an option of getting a simple plain palette or one with a mirror and a brush which is I went for.. The palette is so slick and awesome for travelling..
Here are the Eye shadows and Lipsticks I picked..


So I chose these shades out of the MANY shadows Inglot has to offer.. I was looking for something wintery yet subtle..
- Very pigmented and smooth
- Blends well
- Comes with an eye shadow applicator & a mirror
- Long lasting on the lids.. No fading or patchiness
Would I Re-Purchase? I will definitely try out other shades!

 Now on to the lip palette..
- Very Pigmented
- Non-drying
- Satin finish
- Comes with a lip brush & a mirror
- Good longevity
Would I Re-Purchase? Maybe but I do prefer my lipsticks in bullet form =p
My Final Thoughts: Inglot has definitely won me over.. Their products are MUCH better quality than MAC yet they are less expensive.. Can't wait to get my hands on more Inglot!
Have you tried any Inglot products? Any favourites?


Zein said...

Finally your back! How is being a mom treating you so far?
These look really nice! I have to try them... After project 10 pan..
I love the eyeshadow colors


The Procrastinator said...

You're back!!! How are you?? How's the baby? I love the freedom system, excellent return post!

MakeupMonologue said...

I have been wanting to try INGLOT for so long! i think this month I will ahve to try some of their eyeshadows out..

Makeupbypatricia said...

These are all so beautiful... I need to try inglot!

Niki said...

love both! but i love that lip palette!

LauraSummer said...

Good to have you back, I hope your little one is well :) these colours look so pigmented! I have to try this brand at some point x

Nicoleioli said...

i've just recently found your blog and am soooo glad! keep up the great work!

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