Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Top 10 Blushes

I love blushes.. I love how they transform your whole look instantly.. A makeup look without blush just isn't complete in my opinion.. So writing this post was really hard because I have so many blushes but I did it!!

So here we go..

These are in no particular order.. Starting with the "Natural/Peachy" shades..


Tom Ford Cheek Color - 05 Ravish: This is my favourite Tom Ford blush that I own.. It's gorgeous throughout the year but mostly in Autumn.. It's a plummy peachy shade that in my opinion is so unique and flattering.. And like all Tom Ford blushes this applies so smoothly and blends beautifully! It has no shimmer but gives a nice non-pore accentuating sheen..
Korres Zea Mays Powder Blush - 15 Natural: Ahh now this might actually be my all time favourite blush.. I adore this shade.. It's a peachy bronze shade with a hint of pink.. It goes with every makeup look! When I don't know what blush to wear, this is my go to.. It has fine shimmers that give a beautiful glow to the skin..
Dolce & Gabbana the blush - 25 Caramel: This is completely matte.. It looks like such a boring shade in the pan but I love how this gives a natural colour to the cheeks.. Nothing too over board.. It's a mauvey nude shade that is perfect for those no makeup days..
Becca Mineral Blush - Damselfly: This peachy shade is wonderful for the spring/summer time.. It gives a nice natural peachy look with a wonderful sheen finish.. And the formula of Becca Mineral Blushes are amazing!
MAC Sheertone Blush - Gingerly: I have many MAC blushes but this definitely wins.. It is a burnt apricot matte shade that gives a nice warmth to the skin.. I don't wear a bronzer when I'm wearing this shade as I feel it acts as both blush and bronzer.. It is perfect for when I am going for a simple and natural makeup look..
And now on to the more "Corally/Pinks"...


Tarte Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush - Natural Beauty: I adore this shade! It gives the nicest flush to the cheeks! It's a red corally matte colour that is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.. And despite the strong vibrant colour in the pan, this actually looks very natural on if worn and blended well.. Love this shade!
Illamasqua Powder Blusher - Naked Rose: Illamasqua blushes are some of my favourite ever!! And this matte dusty pink shade is by far the one I reach for the most out of my Illamasqua collection! It's an amaaazing everyday blush.. It goes with every look and it just gives a healthy colour to the cheeks! It's so so smooth and so easy to work with.. If you can get one Illamasqua blush, definitely go for Naked Rose..
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush - 10: These blushes are so underrated.. This pink shade with pink and gold fine shimmers gives such a lovely pinky warm glow.. Really flattering shade and wonderful texture..
Sephora Hydrating Powder Blush - 09 Healthy Rose: Now this I heard is a dupe for MAC's Fluer Power blush.. It's vibrant coral with a lovely satin finish.. I can see this shade working on sooo many skin tones.. It brightens up the face and gives it a wonderful healthy flush..
Yves Saint Laurent Cream Blush - 01: I love the formula of this mousse cream to powder finish blush.. It blends nicely giving your cheeks a natural looking peachy glow.. This has no shimmers and isn't dewy for a cream blush so it would work on combination/oily skins..

And that's all!
As you can tell from my choices of blushes, I love blushes that give my cheeks a natural flush.. And I usually go for blushes that don't have sparkles or glitters to them as those can accentuate your pores.. Experiment with different shades of blushes and find what works for your skin tone.. And if there's one thing I'll say about blushes, it's that never skip it.. It makes a world of difference to your look!
What are some of your favourite blushes?


kellyyes said...

Ahhh blush galore! I am in heaven ;) I am dying to try out D&G Caramel. It is on the top of my wishlist. Illamasqua Naked Rose also catches my eye. So hard to pick a top ten favorite, good work! I still can't do it. Too difficult to narrow it down.

Heather Davern Makeup said...

Illamasqua Naked Rose catches my eye too! They all look so nice though.

chloe_e said...

love the look of the ysl cream blush, the giorgio armani blush and the d&g one!
I love illamasqua blushes too, my favorites are Katie and Naked Rose c:

à la foliee

Nora - botoxey said...

I don't own a single one of your favorite colors but they're all gorgeous!
I'm dying over your 5 peachy colors! x

Lucy said...

love your collection :) especially that Tarte blush :)

LilJeJa said...

Nice! Love the colors

Batul Fazal said...

LOVE your collection. Simply gorgeous!

Maqua said...


Stacey Jane said...

Mai thanks for commenting on my Instagram last night, have just discovered your blog and absolutely love it!! Am so lusting after D&G caramel after looking at your swatches!! X

abigailalicex said...

Naked Rose is a gorgeous shade!


The post is very informative. It is a pleasure reading it. I have also bookmarked you for checking out new posts.


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MEVISH said...

I need illamasqua naked rose its caught me eye thanks for the post

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Nur Yıldırım said...

Amazing blush collection! I really love your makeup taste. You have such great picks.
I have a blog too if you wanna check it out It would make me so happy :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shades! I like your post!

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