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Review: Primers

When the idea of primers came out, I thought they were just the cosmetic industry’s way of making more money.. So for the longest time, I did not use a primer.. And even today, I don’t use a primer every single time I wear foundation..

Ok so let us begin...

Korres Vitamn E Face Primer – This is a silicone free primer which is the second thing that attracted me to the product after it being from Korres of course.. The texture is not too light but not too thick either.. It's very moisturizing.. And that is one of the reasons why I use this primer the most, now that my skin is very dehydrated.. It gives a nice dewy (not oily) finish.. Your face looks healthy..
Does it help the makeup last longer? I think so.. It also did help my full coverage foundations (e.g. Estee Lauder Double Wear) slide on better and not cake on my face.. I did find that during the day however, my foundation did crease a little bit around my mouth on the laugh lines.. But that could just be the foundation..
Would I repurchase? For sure.. I’ve heard too many stories about silicon based primers that broke so many people out badly and my skin does not need any more breakouts.. This didn’t break me out and it gives that extra needed moisture to my combination dehydrated skin.

THEFACESHOP FleBeaute Collagenic Make-up Base – 02 Shimmering White – Now I know the name “Shimmering White” might make a lot of people run the other way.. But this is a lovely moisturizing face primer that gives a beautiful glow to your skin.. Swatched on your hands this looks too shimmery but on your face you can barely notice the shimmers.. I would say that this is similar to MAC’s Strobe Cream.. So if the MAC one breaks you out, definitely check this one out.. The good thing about THEFACESHOP products in general is that they use many natural ingredients that feed your skin all that good stuff.
I mix this with Korres Face Primer sometimes when I’m using foundations that have become slightly darker on my skin.
Does it help the makeup last longer? I don’t think it makes my foundation last longer but it does help give my face that beautiful glow.
Would I repurchase? I don’t think I will repurchase straight away.. But I probably will come back to it in the future..

Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer – This is pink in colour.. It does brighten your face giving it a hint of pink which is not my thing.. But that’s all it does.. Some people just use this as a highlighter.. 
Does it help the makeup last longer? Not at all.
Would I repurchase? Nope

i.d. bareVitamins Skin rev-er upper – This is the bareminerals primer that comes in their starter kit in case you didn’t know.. I haven’t used this a lot to be honest coz the smell of it just put me off.. It’s very light and liquidy in texture and it did go nicely with my bareminerals foundation which is the only foundation I tried it with..
Does it help the makeup last longer? It helped my bareminerals foundation go on smoother.
Would I repurchase? Never

Benefit POREfessional – Now this is not exactly a primer.. It is marketed as a balm to minimize the appearance of pores. And it does just that.. I like this product.. EnKoreMakeup shows a demonstration of how to use this product which totally sold me.. So I’ll let him do all the talking =P  

Does it help the makeup last longer? It helps blur out my pores but doesn’t last all day. You have to reapply during the day.
Would I repurchase? Yes. If I haven’t found anything better.

And that is it on primers.

Verdict - My Favourite Primer is:

Korres Vitamn E Face Primer

What are some of your favourite primers?


Sydney H. said...

I wasn't a Primer girl either but I purchased the Smashbox Primer and I love it and think it does wonders for my makeup and skin
I have a post about it on my blog

-Sydney xo

Beauty Addict said...

I've never tried anything from Korres, I should try it out! My fave at the moment is MAC Prep and Prime, Benefit Porefessional and L'Oreal Studio

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Jen W said...

Hey lovely,

I'm trying to finish my MUFE HD microperfecting primer so I can try some others. It's okay, I think it does extend the life of my foundation but other than that there's not much else it does.

UrbanMermaid said...

Great review! My fav primer at the moment is Estee Lauder face primer plus (not sure what it's called exactly).. I don't use it daily but it's good stuff :) xx

r.alsharif said...

this is the first time i've even heard of a primer :P but i love benefit products!

PopBlush said...

Oooh I'd be interested to try the Korres and the POREfessional primer. I like primers that are hydrating at the same time minimizes the appearance of pores.

So helpful! Thanks for sharing!

PopBlush said...

Oooh I'd be interested to try the Korres and the POREfessional primer. I like primers that are hydrating at the same time minimizes the appearance of pores.

So helpful! Thanks for sharing!

.blushfully. said...

Yeah primers sort of hit the market not long ago, it seems, cause my mum doesn't use it and not too familiar about it. But when I just got into makeup (approx. 1 yr ago) primers are so in the market and although I haven't tried that many, and everyone's skin is different, I'm liking Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (there's no other primer with this kind of texture or consistency), Laura Mercier primer (Normal), The Face Shop Professional Make Up Base Oil Free in Green (reduces redness and totally diminishes pores - should probably do a separate review on it lol).

Thanks for sharing your primers! Great to see insight of what's out there =) since there are so many in the market.

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