Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I've been wanting to try this foundation for so long after reading and watching so many great reviews on it! It sounded so promising and when my sister got it for me from Europe, I was super excited to try it..

However, to my surprise.. This foundation was.. a disappointment...


- Blends ok not great.. You do have to work a little hard with it
- Medium coverage
- A little goes a long way
- Not luminous as promises.. Gives an almost Matte Finish
- Sits in my pores
- Can look drying
- Smells funny.. Has a little chemically scent


- Fingers: Didn't give the flawless finish people were raving about & made me look a little dry
- Sigma F80 Brush, Beauty Blender & MAC 187 Duo-Fibre Brush: Made the foundation sit in my pores

I have tried everything to make this foundation work but it just never sat right on my skin the way my other foundations did.. Guess it's not for my skin type? (Normal to Dry at the moment).. Also, it never gave me that Luminous Silky finish it promises to provide.. 

I really wanted to love this but I guess it's just not for me..

Have you tried the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation?
How do you apply it?
Do you love it?


DaphYin said...

I've never tried this product but I can see that it blends way too much with your skin instead of giving it a full coverage. Thanks for reviewing and sharing :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review! Sounds like the Tinted Moisturizer is so much better!

Lydia said...

I do like this foundation but I find it very hard to work with if I use a brush or my fingers. It doesn't blend so well. For me the best application is with a damp beauty blender sponge! x

Delyteful Speaks said...

@DaphYin - Yah I don't find it to be full coverage at all.. Thanks hun =)

@Jamilla Camel - I haven't tried it but it's probably more luminous than the Silk Creme

@Lydia - Yah it just doesn't do so well when it comes to blending.. Thanks for your input hun =)

aringkingking said...

we have it in the same shade, i only use this when i need more coverage. i think this is not good for oily skinned individuals.

sahar awan said...

never tried this

new follower
i would love if u follow me back

Joyce {} said...

I haven't tried this foundation yet, but I was thinking about trying their primers.

Have you tried to wear a primer underneath this foundation?

Also, are you going to throw this foundation away or will you be finding something other way to use it?

Delyteful Speaks said...

@aringkingking - This shade is actually too light for me.. But it works with a bronzer.. I don't know what it is, but it ain't the foundation for me..

@sahar awan - Thanks for following hun =)

@Joyce - I don't usually wear primers.. So I haven't tried it with one.. I think I'm done testing it out.. I've added it to my blog sale if you're interested =)

Arianne Cruz said...

i get the same results about the dry feeling. just use a really nice moisturizer. i found mine is Ponds (with the blue cap) and it feels great. if u use a moisturizer with spf, even the ones they sell in their brand, doesn't work.. idk why but i will do my won review on it later

Danielle said...

I can't say I have tried this foundation, and after this I would definitely be hesitant to do so. I had a bad experience with Laura Mercier's regular tinted moisturizer (it broke me out horribly) but the oil-free version works well for me. Thanks for doing thorough testing! It's nice to know you put it through the ringer. ;)

Eden-Avalon said...

This may result in a hit-order placed on my heard by Laura Mercier but i've never liked their products.

It's always seemed to me that they were designed around ONE girl in mind and only that one girl? And anyone who doesn't fall into that can go buy something else?

~hug~ I hope you find the foundation you need.

Amy said...

I only tried their tinted moisturizer and didn't like it so much. It smelt bad and made my face super oily. Thanks for doing this review & have a wonderful weekend! xx

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

I've never tried this one, but I won't now. It sounds horrible! I do like her moisturizing foundation a lot, but I hear it's being replaced with a new one which I got a sample of and HATED. Maybe try adding some moisturizer to it and just using it as a tinted moisturizer?

Rei said...

Sorry to hear you don't like this foundation..I haven't tried it either. But have you tried to apply it with a beauty blender? I found that the beauty blender works very well with cream foundations.

the beauty bible said...

aw no, im so disappointed to hear that ur not getting on with it. I was waiting to try this too, but I'm not sure I'll bother now. lol. thanks for the review!

Delyteful Speaks said...

@Arianne Cruz - Oh are you serious?! Coz my moisturizer has spf20! Thanks for the tip! I'll give it ago tomorrow with different moisturizer! Really appreciate your input hun! Thanks =)

@Danielle - Ouch! No thank God this didn't break me out.. But it's just not luminous at all :s

@Eden-Avalon - Hmm I dunno.. It's my 1st ever LM product.. And we're not off to a good start I tell ya =P Thanks sweetie.. I have way too many foundations that I like playin around with =P

@Amy - Yah I didn't like the smell on this as well.. Thanks hun.. You too!

@Tracy@Beauty Reflections - Yah I'll try usinga different moisturizer with it.. We'll see.. I'm really enjoying my Bourjois at the moment =P

@Rei - I did try it with the Beauty Blender but it was still not luminous.. I dunno.. I'll try one more time for the sake of it

@the beauty bible - Hehe it might work for you.. It has worked on many people and it's become their HG.. But try and ask for a sample to work with 1st ;)

MakeupbyThess said...

Thank you =) haha I hear that a lot actually, but I think it's the mascara I use that does it.. =P

UrbanMermaid said...

Oh no! I've heard so much about this foundation, just never got around to trying it :S Matte doesn't sound bad as long as it's not flat... xx

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

I've never tried any Laura Mercier foundation, but like you, I have heard many great things about this foundation. I'm sorry that it didn't work for you.

Vale @ Fashion and Cookies said...

I have the Laura Mercier primer and I like it so far, but never tried the foundation ! Good you shared this =)
Very nice blog, if you want we could follow each other, let me know if you follow my blog and I will surely follow back !

Fashion and Cookies

Delyteful Speaks said...

@UrbanMermaid - No it's not flat.. But I guess it's not what I was looking for

@EveryDay Makeup blog - Yah it's too bad.. But it's ok, I have my other foundations that make me happy =P

@Vale @ Fashin and Cookies - Thanks =)

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