Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF25

My skin goes through phases.. Dry or very dry.. So finding the right kind of foundation can be a challenge as many foundations cling on to dry patches or accentuate certain problem areas..

So when Bobbi Brown came out with moisturizing foundation that provides good coverage, I just had to get my hands on it..

- Easy to blend
- Medium Coverage
- Not the most light-weight foundation.. You can feel that you're wearing something on your face
- Good shade selection
- Must be powdered even if lightly to ensure longevity 
- Dewy finish
- Provides great hydration
- Contains sun protection, Shea Butter and Evening Primrose. It also claims to help replenish & strengthen skin over time

Application Method

I prefer using my finger tips to blend it into my skin, just like the way I would apply my moisturizer

Who Will Like This?
- People with dry skin, this is an amazing foundation!
- Anyone who is on the go and isn't too religious about moisturizing their face before foundation, this foundation is 3 in 1.. A moisturizer + a foundation + Sunscreen
- Anyone who cares enough to have ingredients that feed their skin in their foundation

Who Won't Like This?
- Anyone who has oily skin or T-zone as it will feel too greasy on their skin
- Anyone who prefers a matte or satin finish

My Final Thoughts: I really like the way this foundation feels on my skin and how easy it is to apply.. The key is to use a tiny bit at a time as to not pack the product on which can result in it feeling too heavy on the skin.. I especially love the dewy finish it gives my skin.. Makes it look healthy and glowy in a good way..

What type of foundations do you prefer to wear?


Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

This sounds like heaven! I will keep this in mind for the winter!

maya said...

I would love to try this foundation. Unfortunately it may be too rich for my t-zone. Such a shame, since my cheeks can get pretty dry in winter.

Great review as always!

The Procrastinator said...

The texture looks amazing, too bad it's not for us oily-skinned people!

Melanie Jane said...

This looks so lovely and creamy, I almost feel like eating it, haha. But only almost.
I've actually never tried anything from Bobbi Brown, which is frankly ridiculous as I have always got my eye on something or other. I always feel really guilty about suffocating my skin in foundation so this sounds right up my street.
Great review.
Mel x

Zein said...

I'm trying this out once I run out of foundation! Maybe for winter..

Love your blog btw! Can you go a review for the inglot matte lipsticks you tweeted about?


Popblush said...

Wow, I really like the finish of this foundation! I prefer dewiness and because I have normal/dry skin, matte doesn't feel comfortable on my face. Thanks for the review!

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