Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Hydrating/Dewy Foundations

My skin goes through different phases all the time.. Sometimes it's normal.. Other times it's dry and dehydrated.. So I always feel that I need to switch up my foundations to accomdate my skin's needs.. Which is how I ended up with too many foundations in my colleciton.. That and my curiousity about some products =P
So here are my hydrating/dewy finish foundations...

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix - 55: This is the only drugstore foundation I own at the moment and I am truly amazed at the quality of it..

- Doesn't cling to any dry patches
- Goes on smoothly
- Light to Medium coverage
- Holds pretty well in hot weathers.. Won't seperate or look blotchy at the end of the day
- Lightweight formula
- Has a scent to it but isn't an overpowering one

Would I Re-Purchase? I probably wouldn't simply because I love my other foundations more.. but it is a great everyday foundation for a quick and easy base

2. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - 5.75: This foundation feels luxurious on the skin.. It gives a lovely "second skin-like" finish..

- Very lightweight.. Feels like you're wearing nothing on your skin 
- Light to Medium coverage
- Luminous but not dewy
- Lasting power is ok.. Not as great as the other ones

Would I Re-Purchase? No. This is a nice foundation but it's just not WOW on my skin as the other foundations are

3. Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF25 - 4 Natural: I already did a full review of this foundation here.. But this is one of the most dewy foundations I've come across..

- Easy to blend
- Medium Coverage
- Not the most light-weight foundation.. You can feel that you're wearing something on your face.. It's like a very rich moisturizer
- Good shade selection
- Must be powdered even if lightly to ensure longevity
- Dewy finish
- Provides great hydration.. On days when you're in a rush and don't have time to moisturize, this works as a great moisturizer with coverage
- Contains sun protection, Shea Butter and Evening Primrose. It also claims to help replenish & strengthen skin over time

Would I Re-Purchase? This works amazingly when my skin is SUPER dry so yes I would buy this again especially during the winter times..  

4. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau - 03: Truly amazing foundation for all skin types I believe.. Love the coverage and the finish of this foundation..

- Very Lightweight and runny formula
- Blends really well giving your skin a smooth natural finish
- Medium to high medium coverage
- Lasts all day

Would I Re-Purchase? Definitely! I really love this foundaiton.. It works so well on my skin all year round and gives me really great natural flawless skin.. I mostly use this on special occassions..

5- Lancome Tient Miracle - 03: I wasn't sure whether to go for this foundation or the Tient Idole.. However, I did find that the finish of this suited my skin better and it felt lighter and more natural on me.. 

- Very Lightweight and runny formula
- Blends wonderfully
- Light to medium coverage and is buildable
- Contains some skin benefits
- Great for those who love the texture of a tinted moisturizer but want more coverage than a tinted moisturizer
- Long lasting on the skin

Would I Re-Purchase? Absolutely! I'm so glad I bought this because I absolutely enjoy wearing it

My Final Thoughts? I love all these foundations and although they're all hydrating, each one is unique in it's own way.. The Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and the Lancome Tient Miracle foundations are very similar in finishes and longevity.. However, I do find that the Guerlain LDP gives a little more coverage whereas the Lancome TM looks a bit more natural on the skin..

Have you tried any of these foundations?
What's your favourite hydrating or dewy finish foundation?


Zein said...

I had a few samples of the Guerlain LDP, loved the finish of it! I think I'm going to get a full bottle of it. And I'm looking forward to try out the Bourjois one.



Nancy said...

Great post :D
I really want to try the foundations you have on this post!

Marianna said...

I really want to try Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. I have combination oily skin, but I just love light weight foundations. Full coverage is just not for me.
Loved your post :)

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

I stil really want to try the Bobbi Brown one! And maybe sooner than not, as my skin is super dry at the moment as well. Lovely and helpful post!

Yu said...

Ooo very interesting! I love Bourjois HM but I can't find the right shade for me :( I really want to try Guerlain though it sounds brilliant! I also like Lancome Teint Idole but TM sounds great too.

emmabovary said...

I love the whole range of Bourjois foundations, I generally wait until they are on sale as they are $32 here but they are worth it :)

PB89 said...

Wow I love your blog! I will be reading plenty. I for sure have to "pimp" mine out lol. I'm new...

Anonymous said...

i love guerlain foundations! i am quite curious about that bobbi brown one, but i suspect it will be too heavy for me. I want to try that long wear one that just came out though! :)

sleepandwater said...

Great post! I agree you need different foundations depending on the condition of your skin. I tend to favour foundations with a dewy finish so I'd be interested to try all of these :)

TheJulyBloom said...

I got the bourjois and at first i liked it then i saw that it oxidizes after an hour or so, maybe that's why i dont like it anymore. using a primer stop it from oxidizing but i am not big fan of drugstore products. The armani one is really good, its luminous enough to me and i love it.

maya said...

I love foundation and like you I need several foundations for different seasons. I'd be very curious to try the Guerlain one if I can find a good match.

Thanks for the review!


LilJeJa said...

I was not crazy about Armani either. All that hype about it and I got the sample and did not like it at all. So not worth the price.
On the other hand I love Teint miracle! I repurchased it three times. Great price, looks beautiful on skin.
Guerlain was just ok, not dewy on me at all and color choice was poor.

Makeupbypatricia said...

Ahhh! Bourjois....my favorite drugstore foundation.

I need to try the rest ;)

JoanneP said...

What a lovely collection!! I have Bourjois and Giorgio Armani but my favorite luminous foundation is Burberry sheer luminous. It suits my skin PERFECTLY!

Anonymous said...

I have been dying to try the Lingerie foundation! Im glad to hear you like it. The BB Extra foundation did not work well for me, though I adored the scent of it and the consistency. :-)

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