Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yet Another Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford products have seriously won me over.. The quality and the packaging are just amazing and are so worth it if you ask me..

And now that summer is just around the corner, I just had to bring out my trusty Tom Ford Bronzer to rock that beautiful natural sun kissed glow...


- Not exactly sheer but light on first application.. Once you build it up it looks so natural
- Blends wonderfully into the skin
- Gives the most natural golden warmth to the complexion
- Won't look orange at all
- Has very slight shimmers that don't really show up once applied (gives a subtle sheen only)
- A huge compact.. You get a lot of product

Who Will Like This?

- Everyone who is looking for a bronzer that isn't harsh and one that gives a natural colour and glow to the kin

Who Won't Like This?

- Your bank account

My Final Thoughts: As the name suggests, on the cheeks this bronzer will give you that warm golden look and who doesn't want that? It's a lovely and luxurious product that I can see work well on many skin tones.. Really enjoy wearing this as a blush more than a contour..

Would I Re-Purchase? Probably not just because I feel this will stay with me for a long time and it's not THAT unique that I won't find something else with a similar effect.. Plus, there are so many other bronzers I wanna try out..  
Have you tried any of Tom Ford's Bronzers?
What bronzers do you like for a natural warmth?


Jen Lavenders said...

This is gorgeous! :) i really love it.

Lyn Baez said...

I have yet to try anything tom ford. The packaging alone has me interested i may have to pick this up :D

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