Friday, September 16, 2011

My Scandinavian Trip

Hey all..

If you follow me on twitter, you'd know that I've been holidaying in Scandinavia.. It was my first time on that part of the world and it was amazing!

Here are some of the photos from my trip =)

Lovely country.. Lovely weather..

I absolutely loved Norway! Loved the atmosphere.. The nature.. The history and our hotel which was about 600 years old!

Sweden was were we did most of our shopping & it's where I celebrated my Birthday! =)

Although Denmark, Norway & Sweden were all VERY beautiful countries, there's really no place like home.. Even with its stinking heat and polluted air and superficial beauty, the United Arab Emirates will always be the most beautiful place in my eyes..

I shall be back with more reviews real soon! =)



i.r. said...

Welcome back! You were missed!

LauraSummer said...

Glad you're back! Amazing photos, looks like a lovely trip x

kellyyes said...

yay you are back :) glad to hear you had fun! looks like you had an amazing trip :D

Delyteful Speaks said...

@i.r. - Awww thanks so much hun!! xoxo

@LauraSummer - I did! It was lovely! A great change of weather =P

@kellyyes - Thaanks sweets! xoxo

r.alsharif said...

Looks like fun! :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Welcome back! Perfect time of year to visit !

Yu said...

Yaaay so glad you're back, but also glad you had a good time! Happy belated birthday :)

prettyinthedesert said...

Happy birthday!!! Your pictures look AMAZING!! the skies are so blue!!

And you know what? I hate it when people complain about how polluted Dubai is. Dubai's pollution is NOTHING compared to bigger cities like New York or Bangkok. I can hardly breathe in those places cuz of all the smog. hahaha I love Dubai!!

PS that's not the Women's College in the picture with the flag, is it? It kinda looks like it, but then again, there are HUNDREDS of buildings here that look like that! hahaha)

Delyteful Speaks said...

@r.alsharif - It was el7amdella =)

@Jamilla Camel - It was =) Thanks!

@Yu - awww you're soo sweet! Thank you hun!

@prettyinthedesert - hahaha I love UAE! No actually that's KHDA =P

Ebru said...

Welcome back girl! Loving all your photos, looks like you had a wonderful time in these beautiful countries! :))

Makeup and Macaroons said...

Welcome back hun! Looks like a fabulous trip, and looking forward to more wonderful posts from you. xo

PopBlush said...

Yay! Your back =)

The pictures look amazing~ So beautiful~ I understand what you mean when you say no place like home ^_^

Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Danielle said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad you had a wonderful time, and I am sure you had a marvelous birthday! :)

As much as I know you loved your trip, I am selfishly happy that you are back...missed you girlie! :)

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had an absolutely magnificent time :)

♥ Jessica

Delyteful Speaks said...

@Ebru - Shukran darl!

@Makeup and Macaroons - Keep an eye out ;)

@PopBlush - Thanks hun =)

@Danielle - hahaha I've missed you toooo! xoxo

@Jessica - I did.. Thanks sweets! =)

tiffyama said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!! I hope to travel to places like that some day. ^^ Thank you for sharing!

Amy said...

The photos are amazing! welcome back <3

Malika said...

Cool you've been to Denmark, I'm from there! (:
Hope you had a nice trip.

Delyteful Speaks said...

@tiffyama - I hope u do too!! Thanks hun!

@Amy - Thanks hun =D Good to be back!

@Malika - Oh you aaare?! Thats awesome! You have a lovely country!

Yolandaas said...

How great, I'm from Sweden! Not Stockholm though.. hope you had a good time x

TheJulyBloom said...

oh my god! i cant believe you've been to Oslo!! tell me did you like the city? i would love to go there one day!!

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