Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF15

I'm always on the look out for a foundation that will give me everything my skin needs to get that flawless finish.. So I'm always experimenting with different foundations.. And this time, I decided to try my luck with Clarins...

- Not too liquidy nor is it too thick
- Blends well
- Medium to Full coverage
- Matte Finish
- Doesn't look or feel heavy
- Transfer resistant
- Might cling to dry patches if skin is not well hydrated and if too much is applied
- Doesn't need to be powdered
- Has a scent to it
- Stays put ALL day
Shade & Application

For refrence, I'm NC 30 in MAC.. The shade I first tried was 112 Amber.. It looked good but I felt that it was a little too pink.. 111 also had an obvious pink undertone.. So I went ahead and tried 110 Honey and felt it was less pink and more yellow toned.. Although it's a little bit lighter than my skin tone, it's nothing a bronzer can't fix ;)

As most of my foundations, I love applying this with my fingers.. I take one pump and rub it between my fingers then apply it like I would a moisturizer.. Then I take half a pump and again rub it between my fingers and pat it on areas where I feel I need more coverage.. That way I ensure not to pack too much foundation on..

Who Will Like This?
- Anyone with oily/combination skin
- Anyone who is looking for a Matte finish foundation.. However, a semi-matte finish can be achieved depending on the moisturizer/primer you're wearing underneath 
- Anyone who is looking for a foundation that doesn't budge all day even in hot humid weathers
- Anyone who is looking for a medium to full coverage foundation.. Although those who prefer lighter coverage can also easily achieve that if a small amount is used
Who Won't Like This?
- Anyone with VERY dry skin.. It doesn't mean that they can't use it.. It just means that they have to work extra hard to ensure that their skin is well moisturized before applying it
- Anyone who doesn't like fragranced products.. Although the smell doesn't linger, some people might find it too much for them
My Final Thoughts: I usually tend to go for foundations with a satin or dewy finish but what encouraged me to buy this foundation after trying out a sample was the longevity of it.. I put it on in the morning.. Went out.. Came home.. Had an afternoon nap.. Woke up and it was still there looking smooth and flawless.. It's a wonderful foundation and for us normal dry/dehydrated skin girls, this is an amazing summer foundation.. I feel that it will still work well in the winter but I'll have to ensure that my skin is very well moisturized.. And what I also love about this is that I can still get a semi-matte finish with it if I wanted to by applying a heavy moisturizer/primer underneath.. This is a great foundation with amazing coverage & longevity!
Have you tried any Clarins foundations before?
What's your favourite long-lasting foundation?


Hannah Hindmarsh. said...

this foundation sounds absolutely perfect for me, you have no idea how much you've made me want it now! LOVE LOVE LOVE. ill have to go and get colour matched this weekend. thanks for the great review. ox


Imogen said...

I've never thought to look at Clarins foundations! I must take a peek next time I see a counter. :) <3

Yu said...

I always ALWAYS love Clarins foundations - but their shade range is so poor so I can never buy a full size after I try the sample :(

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