Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer, Blush & Lipstick

When I first came across Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics I was intrigued and attracted to the packaging and the counter set up and all that.. But after I swatched a few of their products.. I fell in love.. The quality was beyond what I expected.. Their products are such high quality I couldn't just walk away from them without treating myself to a few things...
So here are my D&G loves...

The animalier Bronzer: I got this a while back and wrote a review on it here and also mentioned it in my Bronzer collection here where I said I probably won't repurchase it.. But that was before I actually started using it religiously and noticing the amazing subtle warmth it gave my complexion.. I absolutely love it!
- So smooth
- Blends amazingly
- Gives the nicest subtle warmth to the skin
- Has tiny sparkles that don't really show up on the skin
- Stays put throughout the day
- Is a limited edition product but I've swatched their permanent bronzers & they're just as wonderful
The Blush - 25 Caramel: This like the bronzer is no exception in terms of amazingness.. Love this shade! Goes with any makeup look.. It's completely matte and gives your cheeks the sweetest subtle dusty rosey peach..
- Very smooth and velvety as well
- Matte
- Blends really well
- Great longevity
Shine Lipstick - 170 Dazzling: I don't know what made me pick up this shade and try it on.. I don't like lipsticks with glitter on them and the shade looked way too dark for my taste.. But once I applied it to my lips.. It was like magic!
- Applies sheerly yet it is still pigmented
- Has shimmer particles which aren't so obvious on the lips
- Wears pretty well for a lipstick
- Leaves a nice subtle rasberry-like stain once it starts to fade
I am so in love with these 3 items.. They're just absolutely stunning in terms of quality and colour..
Have you tried any Dolce & Gabbana makeup products?


Anonymous said...

i always wanted to try D&G makeup but i like to see things in person before i buy and i forget this brand since they have so few counters! lol. the bronzer is quite nice looking! and i like your swatch heart haha. :)

Ali said...

they all look gorgeous but especially that blush. i must check out this range!

LilJeJa said...

how do you feel about DG makeup compared to other high end brands? is it as good, better or not? worth the price?

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