Monday, September 10, 2012

Tom Ford Blush Giveaway Winner!

Ladies ladies ladies.. I am SO sorry for the VERY late post.. 

First came Ramadan then I went away for holiday but now I'm back with the giveaway winner =D

THANK YOU all SO much for all your efforts.. It was really nice reading all your suggestions..

However, although there is a winner, I will not be using the blog name they suggested.. Only because I don't feel that any of the suggested names really capture who I am and what I'd like my blog to be.. 

But hey it was worth a try and like I said earlier such a pleasure reading all your comments.. So thanks again =)

The winner chosen is the one whose blog name suggestion appealed to me the most..

Congratulations to....

Thank you hun! I'll be emailing you soon ;)

And thanks again my beauties!


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