Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best Skincare Product Ever!

I'm always on the lookout for something to help diminish my dark spots (post acne marks and tiny sun spots) and believe you me, I have tried almost everything out there.. From Clinique to Estee Lauder to Kiehl's to Sisley and the list goes on.. And none of the products I have used lightened my dark spots as much as this product did..


- Very Liquidy
- Has an unusual scent
- A little bit sticky when applied to the face
- Sinks into the skin very quickly
- Won't sensitize your skin (It's gentle enough for all skin types)
- High in Vitamin C
- Provides high sun protection and antioxidant
SkinCeuticals recommends you apply this in the morning after your toner (before your serum & moisturizer) but I have been using it morning and night because I know skin can take it. For those with sensitive skin, I suggest you use it once a day then maybe increase it to twice a day after 2 weeks.
- I apply 4-5 drops on my palms
- Rub my hands together
- Press the product on my face and neck
Because this is high in vitamin C, it's best to keep it in a cool dark place as to not oxidize quickly. I keep my bottle in the fridge.

My Experience with C E Ferulic
I went through a whole bottle using it only in the morning and to be honest as lovely and glowy as my skin looked, there weren't any dramatic changes on dark spots.. But because this product is high in antioxidants and helps protect my skin from further damages, I went ahead and bought another bottle.. But this time I used it twice a day.. Morning and evening.. And after just one week I felt that my skin was transformed! It looked more even and my dark spots looked a whole lot lighter.. That's when I knew it was THE ONE! The only product I'll probably repurchase for the rest of my life!
Who Would Like This?
- Anyone who is looking for a product with Vitamin C
- Anyone suffering from dark spots
- Anyone who wants a product to help slow down the ageing process 
- Anyone who is looking for an antioxidant serum
Who Wouldn't Like This?
- Anyone who is VERY sensitive to smell (although the smell doesn't linger once applied to the face)
My Final Thoughts: I absolutely love this product. It has helped heal my acne scars really beautifully.. Please note that it did not get rid of them completely but enough that I don't feel the need to wear foundation every time I go out.. This product helps protect the skin from environmental damage and Lord knows we need that protection.. This has become a MUST in my skincare routine and that's not something I can say to any product..
Have you tried this product?
What do you use to get rid of any dark spots?


The Procrastinator said...

I tried the Phloretin CF gel and it was fantastic, especially mixed with Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Fluid!

InsideOut Elle said...

wow nice! I currently use the Keihl's Midnight Recovery and I thought that was 'the one.' But your review makes me really tempted to try this one because of the dark spots. Keihls has been amazing for creating that glow and making my pores seem smaller (love the scent too), but not so much for little acne scars.

Thanks for the review!

Toomaty said...

thaank you mai for ur review. i have the same issue ( acne scar) its hyper pigmentation i tried many things frm the local market to the dermatologist .. and now its one and half year im trying to treat my break out ! and the scars :(

so one question do it make you break out ? coz i tried este lauder and it didnt work with my skin :(

and is it okay to apply it and go out to the sun ??

thnnnx agai dear

Makeupbypatricia said...

I've always wanted to try this! So thanks for sharing.

I use a combination of Philosophy's When Hope is not enough and Turbo Booster C Powder. Both are excellent, and the powder can be mixed with any serums, moisturizers. x

OPI Addict said...

I agree, this is a miracle product! I really loved it too :)


rae said...

thanks for the detailed review! seems like a great product. i do not really have dark spots but my skincoloring is uneven and i wonder if this would help remedy this. i bought a cream that is supposed to do that but have seen no results yet :(

xx rae

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