Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If I Were To Pick One... Bronzer

It would be...

This product took me by surprise.. Before I purchased it, I have heard and read so many raves about it.. But I thought, how great could it really be? For the longest time I ignored this when I passed a Chanel counter as I regarded it as one of the many overhyped products out there..

That's until I decided to get a sample of this product to try out myself  (Thank you Mall of the Emirates Sephora.. They are truly so generous with giving out samples unlike other sephoras here)

And that's when the love story began...

This product not only melted my heart.. But it also melted so beautifully on my skin.. The texture is so buttery smooth that when applied, it honestly looks FLAWLESS! It does not look like you're wearing an obvious bronzer.. It looks like your skin is naturally tanned..

- Very easy to work with
- Blends like a dream 
- Looks very natural
- A great base for powder blushes
- Can be mixed with your foundation if your foundation has become too light on you without ruining the original texture of the foundaiton itself
- Matte but adds the loveliest subtle glow to your face
- The pot is huge so you get a lot of product that will last you forever

- Comes in one shade only (Darker skin tones might have a bit of a problem with this product showing on their skin)
- Pricey

I love applying this with my favourite brush from Illamasqua...

This brush does NOT shed.. It's so soft and works perfectly with the Soleil Tan De Chanel.. For more information about this brush, read my mini review on it here

So next time you're near Sephora ask them for a sample of this bronzer and try it out before you purchase it and see if it works for you..

Have you tried the Soleil Tan De Chanel? What are you favourite bronzers?


Vida said...

I want this so bad! I just don't know if I am ready to spend that much on a bronzer. I love the elf warm bronzer - it gives a very subtle warm color. I am currently using Hoola, which I really like but I feel like it is more of a cold-weather bronzer..

Rachy said...

Ahh ive been hearing alot about this lately and it is becoming more and more appealing! only problem is I never wear bronzer and my skin is probably lighter than NW15 so bronzer scares me abit, would u say this is a good one to ease me in to bronzers? x

Bethany said...

I can't believe I still haven't tried this product.. It's just a bit expensive and I've seen it look a bit orange on different tutorials I have watched.
Maybe this is going to be like Dior's Amber Diamond that I put off buying for soooo long and then when I finally got it I didn't know how I had lived without it!!
Maybe a FOTD with you wearing this??xx

Delyteful Speaks said...

Vida - Yah Hoola is more for winter and Hoola for me is a lot trickier than the Soliel Tan De Chanel as it can easily look muddy

Rachy - This would look nice a blush on you as you can easily control the amount of product you apply.. Go to chanel counter and just give it a try ;)

Bethany - Yah I held of Dior Amber Diamond for the longest time too and now i'm loving it =P Trust me this is worth the money coz you get so much product and it's just lovely!

PopBlush said...

Thanks for the review hun! I have trouble finding the right bronzer shade for my face :/ will try this out when I get a chance!!

Kelly said...

I haven't tried any Chanel bronzers and I haven't found the perfect bronzer for me yet

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