Saturday, April 23, 2011

TAG: 10 Things You Love

So I was tagged by the lovely Malika from malikagodt who is just starting out in the blogging world and she has some really amazing posts already! So please go check her out and support her..

The tag is to state 10 things I love.. So in no particular order, here we go..

(Please note that all images are courtesy of my dear friend Google)

I love the moon.. I love looking at it.. It just really brightens up my night =)

Stormy Night
When I say stormy nights, I don't mean hella scary thunder and lightning.. I mean the sound of raindrops on my window at night.. I find it soothing and romantic for some odd reason :s

Road Trips
I enjoy road trips a lot.. Long drives with the people you care about.. Listening to music.. Talking.. Discovering things on the way.. Moments to cherish

Now that is a no brainer.. I love makeup.. It's why I created this blog =P If I had to choose one makeup item.. It would BLUSH for sure.. I love how a tiny touch of it just tranforms the whole look..


Ahhh now Jewellery to me is the best gift anyone could ever give.. And it doesn't have to be expensive.. But Jewellery holds a very sentimental value to me as it's something I can carry with me at all times.. And diamonds are not really my best friend.. Pearls are <3

I love to smell good at all times.. And I love all good smelling things.. Perfume is so important to me.. And in my culture, it is essential.. I use perfume all the time.. When I'm going out.. When I'm at home.. Before I go to bed.. Yes.. It's crazy I know.. But I just love smelling nice..

Food glorious food.. It is not only yummy but it is also comforting..

My Nephew & Little Cousins
Just the thought of them makes my day every time..

Hot Showers
Ain't nothing better than comin home to a nice hot shower.. My friends call me a fish.. Coz I shower 3 times a day.. Yes it's true.. I'm the reason for drought in the world.. Forgive me..

I love reading poetry.. Listening to poetry and writing poetry.. I love the depth and meaning in poetry.. I love how sorrow and anger is moulded into a beautiful piece of art..

What are some of the things you love?


konni said...

I love all of your things! Especially rain on the window at night. It's comforting being inside, all warm and comfortable in the bed while the rain pitter patters on the window!

And also, blush is totally the best makeup. I mean, I love all of it, but blush is my biggest vice.

Malika said...

Great things! I love hot showers and stormy weather too :P

PopBlush said...

I love hot showers too <3<3<3 Especially in the winter~!

Anonymous said...

I share your guilt about the water, mea culpa!

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