Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beauty of a Different Kind: Another Reason To Blame The Innocent...

It's so easy for us as human beings to point the fingers at others.. We like having someone to blame.. And that is such an ugly thing.. Coz sometimes, the fact that the person might be innocent is overshadowed by the need to blame..

If you're living in our world today, you would've heard about the bombings in Oslo, Norway.. Such a tragedy.. One that makes me wonder about the extent humans would go to just to see others suffer?

But what angered me about the whole situation is how it was directly blamed on Muslims before we even knew the truth! During the first few days after the attack, Muslims in Norway were harassed and beaten.. Innocent people where blamed just because they were Muslim??

And now, when the murdered has been caught, a Norwegian, Christian, White Man.. We did not see people harassing Christians for  the act of one Christian man, did we? We did no throw claims that the Bible promotes evil or that it's an evil religion, did we? So why is it that when one Muslim man commits a crime, his whole race, religion and country are called Terrorists, Evil, Uncivilized?

You tell me if that's fair..

Until when are we gonna blame Muslims for all evil acts just because of the action of a group of Muslims who do not even represent Islam in the slightest way!

God gave us brains to think.. Don't fall victim of the media.. Close your eyes for one second and think logically before you blame innocent people for the acts of others.. Read! Learn! And you'll the truth about what Islam is really about and how it condemns such evilness..

Please take the time to listen to this amazingly touching poem by Suhair Hammad, a Palestinian American, expresses what I'm tryna say through poetry...

My heart goes out to all those who suffered in evil inhumane acts..
May God grant you strength and peace of mind and soul


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