Thursday, July 14, 2011

Possessions: Cream Eye Shadows

Since it's summer, cream products work so well as they're stay put better than powder eye shadows...

Here's my cream eye shadows collection...

So starting with the top row...

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #13 - Lovely bright champaign shade with peach undertones but sets quickly so you gotta work fast with it.. I use this as an eye shadow but you can also use it as a highlighter..

Consistency: Light and smooth but can look patchy if you don't work fast with it

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Enigma - I got this as a gift from my girl SJ and I really enjoy this product.. It makes a great eye shadow base.. However, I mostly use this for my under eye area and it eliminates my dark circles wonderfully.. Paler skin tones can also use this as a blush..

Consistency: Buttery smooth and blends so beautifully

MAC Constructivist Paint Pot - This is my first and only paint pot from MAC and I love this shade.. It looks dark but with a light hand, you can totally make this sheer.. It has tiny gold shimmers that aren't extremely obvious on the lids.. I wear this alone on the lids and on the lower lash line and it gives me such a lovely bronzey eye look..

Consistency: Not super smooth.. Has sort of like a dry smoothness texture if that makes sense.. Which why it can look a little patchy if you don't work fast with it..

Benefit Creaseless Cream/Liner Shadow in Flatter Me - I never wear pinks on my eye lids but love this shade! It’s so flattering and when sheered out it just gives a beautiful hint of colour to your lids.. Great for everyday..

Consistency: Smooth and easy to apply but can look blotchy

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Shadow in #6 Nola - This is the weirdest eye shadow formula I have come across.. It’s like a pressed pigment.. You do get a little fall out but nothing too crazy.. The shade is so unique.. It’s a bronzed khaki and I have never seen anything like it.. Looks amazing when worn sheerly as it gives that beautiful shimmery wet look to your eyes..
Consistency: Buttery smooth and blends like a dream!

Benefit Creaseless Cream/Liner Shadow in Birthday Suit - I thought that is would be so similar to the MUFE #13 Aqua cream but that one a bright champaign and this is more muted.. Gives your lids a hint of colour.. Makes a great eye shadow base..
Consistency: Again, lovely but high risk of patchiness

Julie Hewitt Shimmy in Cleo - I did write a review on this here.. It’s a nice very sheer bronze that is super easy to wear..
Consistency - Almost like a shimmery hard gel that melts on your skin and blends nicely..

NARS Cream Shadow in Mykonos - This is a muted plum.. I was kinda disappointed in this.. The shade is nice but is not long lasting on me at all when worn alone so I tend to wear Benefit’s Flatter Me first then this on top when I wanna rock a plummy eye look..
Consistency - Slippery and blends well

Bobbie Brown in Black Pearl - This is the most glittery of them all.. And I’m talking chunks of glitter.. Great for the night time..  It is a great sheer shade.. And is the most long lasting out of all of them.. But the glitter in it is very dominating..
Consistency - You gotta really work your brush in pot to get the product out and it does not blend easily because of the amount of glitter in it

And Voila!

What are some of your favourite Cream Eye Shadows?


Lauren Rose said...

I have the gold aqua cream and I love that too!

I've been wanting to try out the Benefit one's too, I've been looking at the colour RSVP :) xx

Yu said...

The Illamasqua one looks promising! Does it not crease? I really only have MAC Paint Pots but I love them! :)

Kalmo said...

Great collection of cream shadows, thanks for the swatches and reviews. You have nothing but awesome brands in your collection. I actually don't wear eye makeup (I could never get it right) so no fave yet.

Jamilla Camel said...

I have a lot of Bobbi Brown cream shadows. The non-metallic shades can be matte. I agree that Mykonos doesn't last very long - but Bobbi Brown goes on and on.

Ailah said...

I love how you have a variety of all the different cream products. I'm on the hunt for some good cream shadows so this was super helpful! Great post :)

r.alsharif said...

I've never tried cream shadow before! :P is it better than the powder?

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Great post and lovely pics!
My favourites are the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill,MUFE Aqua Creams and the Benefit Creaseless Creams as they all stay put for me. The NARS cream shadows are some of the worst out there I think, just like their shadow pencils. I wish they'd make the formulas better.

AngelicBetrayal said...

Beautiful collection :) I love all the neutrals you have! I like Benefit's RSVP cream shadow. It's the perfect pinky champagne color for most days.

Jane said...

I have Benefits Birthday Suit too and I feel it works good as a base but there isn't enough colour to it. on its own it can just look a bit wishy washy. I am kicking myself for not getting some of the MUFE cream shadows while I was in Vegas. And I defo want to check out the Eyes to kill shadows. Ive seen a few swatches now and they look amazing. not sure how much these are in the UK though?


Courtlynn said...

Super helpful especially since I'm shopping for a new cream shadow right now!

tiffyama said...

Lovely collection! I've always wanted to try cream eye shadows, but I've been a bit hesitant since I do have oily lids. Thanks for sharing. :]

Eden-Avalon said...

My first cream shadow was from ELF and I didn't care for it. But as I transition into higher end stuff I'm become a bigger and bigger fan. Thanks for sharing.

Simone G said...

Great post lady, I'm also a huge fan of cream eyeshadows. Like the colours you have, similar taste to me!x

Delyteful Speaks said...

@Lauren Rose - RSVP is such a lovely shade.. Their formula is not bad at all...

@Yu - It doesn't crease on me.. Yah MAC paint pots are great..

@Kalmo - Thanks hun =) Cream eye shadows are great coz all u need to do is just slap them on your lids and u look polished.. You should try something like Benefit RSVP or Birthday Suit as they are very natural and u can't go wrong with them ;)

@Jamilla Camel - I should definitely check out their matte ones.. Coz yah they last a long time!

@Ailah - Thanks sweets.. Glad this was helpful =)

@r.alsharif - I think they're better coz they last long on your lids and have a different finish to them.. Also you can use them as bases for powder eye shadows and that will help your powder eye shadow stay on longer and look more vibrant

@Tracy@Beauty Reflections - Yah it's such a shame about the NARS ones coz they have some lovely shades.. They need to re-formulate.. Thanks darl!

@AngelicBetrayal - I love neutrals too.. I got RSVP for my sis and she loves it for everyday too.. It is such a beautiful shade.. Thanks hun =)

@Jane - Yah ure right actually.. It can look a bit "wishy washy" =P What I love about the MUFE Aqua Creams is that they have sooo many shades and that are multi-purpose.. I'm not sure how much they are in the UK.. I'm not from there =P

@Courtlynn - yay glad I could help =) Lemme know which one you end up getting yah?

@tiffyama - There are some that work great for oily lids.. Like Benefit and MAC ;)

@Eden-Avalon - Try MAC and Benefit to begin with then more up if you really enjoy those..

@Simone G - Thanks sweets! Cream shadows are really great and I just love their finish..

MakeupbyThess said...

hehe thank you =)

I'm not a cream shadow girl really, I have 3 paint pots from Mac and I love them so that's enough for me hehe
Contructivist is an all time fave =)

Danielle said...

Loving them all! Eyes to Kill are great, and I do like my paint pots, creaseless creams, and the new waterproof clay shadows from tarte :) . I need to try some Bobbi Brown...Galaxy and Black Pearl are now on my list! Do you find Black Pearl too difficult to work with?

Kayleigh said...

Looove that MUFE one, it's so pretty!! Cream eyeshadows are awesome, I use them for bases mostly... makes powder shadows just pop!

Blusherine said...

I love Benefit's Creaseless Creams, just love them, the consistency, the color range, all just lovely!

Yami said...

I recently ordered once of the Illamasqua cream pigments, the mint one. I am very excited to try it :D

The Armani one looks really great, as well as the bobbi brown!

Delyteful Speaks said...

@MakeupbyThess - I love contructivist too! Been reachin out for it heaps lately!

@Danielle - Black Pearl is not very hard to work with but it is dry so you gotta really warm it up to blend it right.. But it's a lovely shade!

@Kayleigh - They doooo don't they?! I love how they make your powder eye shadows just so much better!

@Blusherine - Yes they really are.. Love the finish of them too.. Not too shimmery or glittery nor matte

@Yami - I love the illamasqua cream pigments.. They're so smooth but very matte.. Lemme know what u think of it ;)

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