Monday, July 4, 2011

Discovery: YSL Rouge Volupte #11 & Revlon #440 Cherries in the Snow

Another great discovery!

I love Revlon's Cherries in the Snow.. It's such a gorgeous pink shade.. And I found that the YSL Rouge Volupte in #11 which I got ages ago is almost an exact dupe for it!!

Was so excited because if you read my previous Discovery Post, you'll know that I'm not a huge fan of the YSL formula..


- Very creamy
- Semi-Glossy finish
- Too slippery when applied
- Great colour pay-off
- Does not last long on the lips

- Smooth application but not as creamy as the YSL
- Semi-Glossy finish but less glossy than the YSL as it is less creamy
- Great colour pay-off
- Fairly good staying power

My Final Thoughts: It's pretty amazing how similar these two shades are.. And I definitely much prefer the Revlon one as the formula of it is just so much better for me.. I'm so glad I found that shade with Revlon because I really enjoyed it but never wore it too much because of the slippery creamy formula of the YSL..



JC ♔ said...

This is definitely a dupe LOL! And wow, what a price difference too. :)

Makeup and Macaroons said...

Oh I love how close a dupe it is! I need to track it down, because I have the YSL #11 as well and while I LOVE the colour I'm always freaked out that the creamy formula will run down my face. Great dupe babe! And yet another item that you and I have... we're like makeup twins!

Mai said...

It's so weird, in the tubes I don't think they look similar but wow when swatched I can't tell them apart

Delyteful Speaks said...

@JC - Isn't it?! I was so excited when I discovered this =P

@Makeup and Macaroons - hahaha we aaaare!!!

@Mai - Yah that's why I was surprised when I swatched them next to each other.. And on the lips you wont be able to tell the difference either!

r.alsharif said...

YSL is actually great if you blot it after application, Revlon have amazing colors! :D But the only problem is you can never find the same color by the time you finished what you have

Rachy said...

oh wow they are so similar and such a pretty colour. I'll defo be checking out the revlon lippie x

kellyyes said...

that is a pretty good dupe. revlon looks a bit more red..but it is so darn close!

Anu said...

Wow! Those colours are dead on! Once again, amazing photography!! ;)

Laiqah said...

Cherries In the snow is soo pretty!
Is it a DC?
I must have it! Its definitely more in my budget than YSL :)


Beauty By Krystal said...

I love Revlon lipsticks, but I've never seen this shade in my stores. I'm curious to try it out, thanks for the heads up! :D

Eden-Avalon said...

I wonder what other good dupes they have? The revlon lipsticks are really making waves as being a good product. I have to pick some up!

Danielle said...

Love it! Thanks for another great dupe, because I too do not care for the YSL formula. Cherries in the Snow will be coming home with me soon! :)

Delyteful Speaks said...

@r.alsharif - Yah it does leave a nice stain but it's just not that worth it for me

@Rachy - You'd love it! And Cherries in the Snow would look stunning on you

@kellyyes - Ya the YSL is a little more watermelony shade but on the lips they pretty much look identical!

@Anu - Thanks so much hun =)

@Laiqah - No it's still available.. Definitely check it out if you're lookin for a nice pink lippie ;)

@Beauty By Krystal - This and Love That Red are my favourite Revlon lipsticks... Really lovely formula for a drugstore product

@Eden-Avalon - For a drugstore brand, they're pretty darn good that's for sure

@Danielle - hehe glad I could be of service =P

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

That is an exact match! :) Wow, great finds!

Ansa said...

These are so simmilar. They look gorgeos

Sana said...

I love YSL!!!!!!!

Shira said...

yayyyyy so excited to try the revlon out because I've been looking for a good dupe for the YSL because I don't want to spend that... thanks!

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