Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skincare Products: Oats & The Face Shop White Tree Snow

We all know that the key to achieving good skin, is by cleansing well.. I have gone through so many cleansers.. Some I enjoyed and some not so much..

Lately, I have been using two cleansers that have been making my skin feeling so clean, smooth and hydrated..

No your eyes are not deceiving you... It's oats.. Fresh organic oats...

When I Use It

- Mornings only

How I Use It:

- I take a small amount into the palm of my hands
- Apply a little bit of water to it
- Pat it with my fingers until I get a paste
- Rub my hand together and massage on my skin

What It Does:

- Gently exfoliates
- Nourishes & soothes your skin

What It Doesn't Do:

- Take off makeup.. Which is why I use it in the mornings only

Who Will Like This:

- Anyone who prefers natural DIY remedies
- Anyone who is looking for a cleanser that gently exfoliates and soothes

Who Won't Like This:

- Anyone who prefers a less messy cleanser as this is pretty messy

My Final Thoughts: I love how this makes my skin feels.. It's super gentle and it feeds my skin at the same time.. I've learnt this method from Bubzbeauty's video here.. Check it out as she demonstrates how its done and talks more about the goodness of oats as a cleaner..

The other cleanser I'm really enjoying is..

THEFACESHOP White Tree Snow Exfoliating Foam Cleanser

When I Use It
- Evenings

How I Use It:
- I take a small amount into my fingertips and massage it on to my skin gently

What It Does:
- Gently exfoliates (contains tiny beads)
- Removes makeup
- Brightens your skin
- Leaves skin feeling hydrated

What It Doesn't Do:
- Dry out your face

Who Will Like This:
- Anyone who enjoys a foaming cleanser 
- Anyone who is looking for a cleanser that removes makeup without stripping the skin of it's natural moisture
- Anyone who enjoys a gentle exfoliator for everyday use

Who Won't Like This:
- Anyone who does not like a foaming cleasner 
- Anyone who prefers to deeply exfoliate once a week only

My Final Thoughts: I was really surprised by this cleanser.. I bought it without really planning too and I'm glad I gave it a go.. It's very smooth and lathers up nicely.. It leaves my skin feeling very clean and the fact that it removes most of my makeup is a plus for me!

So both of these cleansers are working so well for my dry/combination, acne-prone skin at the moment..

Oh and another thing, these are also so great for those who are on a budget!

What's your favourite DIY skincare remedy?
And what cleanser are you enjoying at the moment?


Ebru said...

I love the idea of oats! I've seen them mentioned as part of a skincare routine in a magazine but never tried it on myself but now I want to! I've been using Origins Never a Dull Moment cleanser and I absolutely love it :)

Kristie said...

What a fun idea for a cleanser. Thanks for the in-depth review. I like natural cleansers and oats is just right up that aisle.

Sweet & Sour said...

I agree, I use Oats from time to time and it actually does work. As of now, my skin is getting really bad and I'm using Avene to clear up my 'Acne' and it's scaring and I believe it's actually working a treat.

Delyteful Speaks said...

@Ebru - You shold give oats a go.. It's messy but you wont regret it ;) Oooo Never a Dull Moment.. Just the name sounds lovely!

@Kristie - Glad I could help hun.. Try it and lemme know what you think ;)

@Sweet & Sour - Ohh acne is the worst.. I've suffered from it too.. Key is to make sure your face is clean and careful what you slap on your face.. Also start taking supplements.. It'll help in the long-run

Danielle said...

I am totally trying this tomorrow morning! It helps that I love oats (oatmeal, cookies with oats, granola etc.) That other cleanser actually looks nice too, not too thick/too thin. Perfect consistency. I am test driving a seaweed cleanser from The Body Shop right now, liking it so far :)

Arianna said...

I love how concise your reviews are. I'll have to try this out soon. :)

The Peach said...

Oats as a cleanser, I like it! I have used oats in my melt and pour soaps. I also like oat powder in my bath too!

Kalmo said...

Very interesting, I've never head of washing the face with oats. I'm going to try it soon. I am worried about the mess you mentioned though haha. Maybe I should try it in the kitchen sink there there is a strainer.

Kayleigh said...

Great post!! I like how you really break it down for each item for how and when to use, who will like it etc... very handy!! I love the idea of using oats, sure sounds like a great alternative for a store bought exfoliator! I might need to try that!!

tiffyama said...

I've been wanting to try the oats mask from bubz videos too~ I tried the natural yogurt one and like that one a lot. My skin feels so nice and smooth after. ^^

Ooh, sounds like that cleanser is working well for you! Thanks for the review!

Eden-Avalon said...

I use oats, less frequently than you do, but I do love the effects. They're just so GOOD for you!

buy rift accounts said...

i think this will do me good!;)

Clare said...

Great review, and I love oats in skincare actually. They are the perfect, natural and gentle exfoliant! Btw, your blog is looking especially beautiful lately:D

Delyteful Speaks said...

@Danielle - Oh I'd love to know how the seaweed one is workin out for ya

@Arianna - awww thank you so much hun.. Much appreciated

@The Peach - ooo oats powder in the bath sounds amazing!!! Gotta try that!

@Kalmo - hehe I do it in the shower =P

@Kayleigh - It's too gently to be your only exfoliator.. I still think our skin needs something a tiny bit harsher but it is lovely.. And thank you sooo much for your sweet words hun =)

@tiffyama - I looove yoghurt masks.. Will be doin a review on it soon.. I mix natural yoghurt and honey.. The perfect combo ;)

@Eden-Avalon - Aren't they?! Love how they make my skin feel afterwards..

@buy rift accounts - I sure hope so =)

@Clare - Thank you so much sweets! I'm happy you like it =)

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