Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting my Curl on.. Eye Lashes that is..

I never thought an Eyelash Curler was necessary.. I just applied my mascara and walked out the door.. Plus, Eyelash Curlers look scary and the one I had (some drugstore one I got aaaages ago) always pinched me and didn't make much of a difference at all..

So for the longest time I just dismissed the idea of using an Eyelash Curler.. That was until I came across Rocaille Writes post Rocaille Raves: Shiseido Eyelash Curler... It sounded pretty promising and from the image she posted, the results looked really good.. So I thought I'd take a chance on it and see how this one works for me.. And boy am I glad I did...


- Easy to use
- Does not pinch
- Fits my eye shape well and holds on to all my lashes
- Curls my lashes so beautifully
- Curl stays all day

Top: Natural Lashes
Bottom: After using the Shiseido Eyelash Curler

*My little cousin enjoyed being my model last time, she insisted on workin with me again =P

My Final Thoughts: I'm so impressed with this eyelash curler.. It's so gentle on the lashes but still gives them the nicest curl.. I don't feel the need to wear mascara everyday now that I have this tool..

Do you use an Eyelash Curler?


Good girl said...

I use it all the time! have no idea how I've lived without it!

LauraSummer said...

I never used eyelash curlers until about 6 months ago either, now I swear by them! Your cousin has such pretty eyes too x

JC! :) said...

I've heard great things about this. I have/love the Shu Uemura one, however, but still want to try this lol...

Rocaille said...

So glad you like them! Your cousin has an amazing eye shape :) x

Adrienne said...

this is the 1st time ive actually seen any difference from eyelash curlers gosh they so deserve their holy grail status dont they :) x

Clare said...

Looks very nice and I've heard good things about this curler over all. My lashes have gotten mad out of control long since I used Latisse, so I think I might just get this curler as my Shu finally bit the dust and and my cheapies just aren't doing the trick. Thanks for the idea and the great review.

Danielle said...

I love your new site design (I also loved your old one as well) Your cousin does a great job, such a sport modeling for you on your site! ;)
I don't use eyelash curlers very often. My lashes seem to have a natural curl to them so I only use it when I apply false lashes to blend them together. But I will definitely keep this one in mind the next time I need to purchase one! Looks lovely!

Delyteful Speaks said...

Good girl - I know right?! Love the effect it gives

LauraSummer - Yah I only just started using this and i'm amazed by it.. hehe yah she's adorable

JC - No if you love ur Shy Uemura then don't waste ur money on this.. Go for wat works for you..

Rocaille - Thanks to you i do =P

Adrienne - They're truly amazing..

Clare - My pleasure hun =)

Danielle - Thanks sweetie.. hehe ya she enjoys it =P

LisaClare said...

I used to use them quite a bit. Then i broke them and forgot to buy new ones haha. May consider investing again though.

New design looks great by the way! That header is lovely :D


Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Always use my Shu Uemura curler. I've heard this one is good too-and you proved it! Great shots! :)

Makeup and Macaroons said...

That's definitely made a difference to your little cousin's lashes, looks great. I don't actually use one myself because I'm a little freaked out by them... i have this fear that I might pull my own lashes out if I clamp them on tight enough... irrational fear, I know. :)

i.r. said...

I have had my Revlon curler for ages, but lusting after Shu Uemura one. Not sure if it's available in Dubai though.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I want these too, nice review.

Sadie x

Kayla said...

That's amazing! I curl my eyelashes everyday, but my curler is a really old Revlon one I've had since high school and it's really not the best. I pinch myself with it all the time and the curl isn't very impressive. I'll definitely have to check this one out.

Kristie said...

Shu Uemura eyelash curler is my HG. I don't think I knew the value of a good curler until I started using this one. It's very comfortable to use.

Donna ♥ Baby said...

ive been hearing good things about the shiseido curler. i wnat to try it cause the curler i have really sucks! :( it makes like this weird check mark at the end of my lash. ill def check this out!

Delyteful Speaks said...

LisaClare - Thanks hun =)

Tracy@Beauty Reflections - Ive never tried the Shu Uemura.. But I'm lovin this one.. Thanks sweets..

Makeup and Macaroons - They used to scare me toooo but u gotta overcome that fear for the sake of beauty =P

i.r. - No we don't have Shu uemura here.. But Try this one.. It gets the job done for sure..

Sadie - They're lovely! =)

Kayla - I used to pinch myself with my old ones.. But this works so nicely on me.. So gentle

Kristie - Yah me toooo! Don't think I can live without one now

Donna Baby - Ain't nothing worse than a pinchy uneven effect eyelash curler.. When u do try a good one, you'll appreciate it I'm sure ;)

r.alsharif said...

I LOVE how the results are visible! Her eyes look wider and more awake now.

Makeup Look/Catharina said...

My eyelash curler is probably the most important thing in my makeup kit. I seriously can't live without it! My lashes are straight and frizzy and if I put mascara on without curling the lashes it looks like the work of a five year old. And let me tell you: it's not pretty.

I use MAC eyelash curlers which is great! Haven't tried Shiseido!

Delyteful Speaks said...

e.alsharif - Yah it's amazing for when u don't wanna wear masacara ;)

Makeup Look/Catharina - Mine just became a staple in my collection for sure ;)

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