Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not Loved Enough: Lush's Lemony Flutter

People tend to neglect their feet but taking care of your feet says a lot about the person you are and it's just so important for hygienic reasons.. A good foot cream is so important for me.. I've always been on the hunt for a foot cream that is rich enough to get rid of any dryness in my feet making them super soft..

And so one day I went to Lush and found what I've been searching for..


- Thick and buttery
- Melts on your skin once you rub it
- Gets rid of any dryness in my feet
- Softens my cuticles and making my hands look polished
- Smells AMAZING.. A lemony scent which I personally love
- Hydrates and slightly lightens elbows & knees because of the lemon properties in it
- Includes natural ingredients like Organic Lemon Infusion, Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Castor Oil and so on

Who Will Like This?

- Anyone who is seeking soft feet
- Anyone who has dry & dark elbow and knees
- Anyone who loves a lemon scent

Who Won't Like this?

- No one

My Final Thoughts: This is a definite staple in my collection.. I will continue buying this for the rest of my life (not an exaggeration).. I have also converted my sisters and my mum, who used to use Vaseline for her feet, to this product.. I apply it at night then I put on cotton socks and I wake up with soft hydrated feet! This worked wonders for my sister's very dry elbows and knees too..

Would I Re-Purchase? Yes sir!

Have you tried Lemony Flutter? What foot cream do you use?


Makeup and Macaroons said...

Ok I think you and I have the same taste in everything! I actually bought this very same thing about 2 weeks ago because my hands and cuticles are ridiculously dry and agree with you this is fab! I love the smell, and everytime I wear them on my hands my husband thinks I smell like lemon meringue pie! LOL. I'd definitely re-purchase too.

MakeupbyThess said...

thank you =) I usually don't go for cat eyes but I liked what I did this time =)

I haven't even thaught about using the lemony flutter on your feet aswell as hands, mine became bad so I had to get rid of it. It's har to use it up on only your hands ^^

Jessica French said...

I still have not tried any Lush products! I need to go on my next trip into London :) xo & this looks like such a nice product!

maya said...

You have just been tagged! Would love to see you do this tag. ♥

Summer said...

Really great post :) I was contepmlating getting this product, since I've heard nothing but good things about it & I think you've convinced me!

25fLONDON said...

Every time I've been in to Lush & smelled Lemon Fluttery, it hasn't been lemony enough for me! So I'm thinking the testers could be just quite old?

I love lemon scents so I'll definitely be checking this out again! Would never have thought to use it on my feet - great suggestion.

(& like I said on Twitter, I'm loving your photographs recently!)

Danielle said...

I love things that help make my feet soft. I live in sandals and flip flops this time of year so my feet can get pretty dry. I will def. be checking this out. The lemon scent is a total bonus! Thanks for the lovely review dear!

Delyteful Speaks said...

Makeup and Macaroons -

MakeupbyThess - Hahaha i know right?! It's a staple for sure! Thanks darl!

Jessica French - Yah give it a try and lemme know what u think of it ;)

maya - Will do ;) Thanks =)

Summer - You won't regret it.. It's lovely!

25fLONDON - Oh it's lemony enough for me.. I just really love that level of lemony smell =P Thanks hun =)

Danielle - My pleasure sweets.. Hope u enjoy it as much as I do ;)

Ansa said...

I love all things Lemon. Wonder if these are perservative free? i know Lush's shampoo still have LSL which is such a shame becuase I love them but refrain from using them because of it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog :D
I am following you! Take a look at my blog and, if you want, follow me too :D


Delyteful Speaks said...

Ansa - I'm not sure to be honest.. You'll have to check in their website

Lara - Thanks hun =)

Angela said...

"Who won't like this?"
"No one."


This sounds yummy and very useful for this horrible Winter.

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