Friday, June 24, 2011

Skincare Product: Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Serum

I love serums.. I love the whole concept of them and I have to always have two different serums in my skincare routine..

I have never looked into Dior's skincare line before.. But I have read so many great things about the Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Serum.. And since I was in need of a serum at that time, I thought I'd go ahead and give this a try.. 

This 30ml bottle lasted me about two and half months.. Almost three I would say.. Which is great as I can honestly say that I gave it time to work..

What is One Essential & What Does it Do?

- It's an anti-ageing correction booster so it helps your other products work better
- It eliminates the toxins that weaken the cells and block cellular regeneration thus it detoxifies your skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
- Corrects and brightens your complexion


- Very light-weight and runny
- Blends in and gets absorbed easily
- Leaves a slightly sticky feeling

How I Used it

- I applied two pumps every morning and night and gently massaged it into my face and neck

Has it Changed my Skin?

- Not so much to be honest
- It felt alright on my skin
- I did feel that the products I applied afterwards worked a little better
- It didn't do much in terms of brightening my skin
- No changes in my fine lines

My Final Thoughts: I don't regret buying this product.. I'm glad I've tried it but I just don't feel that it changed my skin much at all.. And for the price it was, I expected a lot more..

Would I Repurchase It? Definitely Not

Have you tried the Dior One Essential Serum?
What's your favourite face serum?


Eden-Avalon said...

That's too bad! Being 22, I'm starting to look at serums and anti aging stuff as preventative measures. I agree with you - for the price, this should have changed your skin in a noticeable way.

PopBlush said...

I havent tried any Dior skincare either but I have heard some good things about them. Sorry to hear this one didnt do anything for you. I agree that you'd wanna get more out of what you paid for! xo

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I've tried another of Dior's serums, I don't remember which but it looked similar to this :p this was a few yrs back. I love serums too! Currently using a Philosophy one. It's too bad this one didn't work for you =/

Delyteful Speaks said...

Eden-Avalon - Ya serums really helo with prevention.. And it's good that you're starting now ;)

PopBlush - Thanks sweets

Rainy Days and Lattes - I've never tried philosophy serums.. Are they any good?

Janalyn said...

When I tried this serum I used it for about 3 days, and then it started making my skin peel =( eeks! I have sensitive skin though so that could be why.. but when I used to work for Dior, this product would just fly off the shelves! Its really concentrated so its probably best for people who have deep wrinkles? I really like their Hydraction serum though! That one I had no problems with =)

Jamilla Camel said...

I think this product is designed for the over 50's - Sharon Stone is their spokesmodel! This probably wasn't an appropriate product for your skin, lol!

Delyteful Speaks said...

Janalyn - Ouch! That sounds horrible!!

Jamilla Camel - hahaha you're probably right =P

Ebru said...

I have just started using a serum, like 3 months ago and I can't believe I haven't started sooner! I love using my Origins one, I think it makes a huge difference on my face! :)

UrbanMermaid said...

Aww what a shame, I was seriously considering buying this. I had almost the same experience with Genifique.. it was alright but I expected more considering the price. Maybe they don't work now because we're too young for serums anyway lol xx

Danielle said...

I have never tried the Dior Serum, but I really like one I tried from Chanel, I can't remember the name, I will have to look when I get home. I am not that into serums at the moment as I tend to break out if I put too many anti-aging type things on my skin. :( It works better in the winter for me because my skin gets drier.

Delyteful Speaks said...

Ebru - I've been meaning to try origins.. Got my eyes on their brightening pads and serum...

UrbanMermaid - Yah I think this serum wasn't really for my age.. But the SA said it would work.. I guess that's what u get for listening to SA

Danielle - I love serums! I love what they do to my complexion.. But this one just didn't do it for me unfortunately..

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