Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1- De.Like.Ful

I'll be doing this series where I'll post about the things I've been loving lately.. Kind of like Monthly Favourites but not necessarily monthly.. Could be weekly.. Or daily or whatever..

So here we go in no particular order...

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation - Been really enjoying this foundation.. It feels so light on the skin yet provides really decent coverage.. (Full review here)

My Fingers - No I'm not vain.. It's not like that =P But I've been loving using my fingers to apply foundation.. Yes brushes and sponges are all fancy and nice but my fingers do a much better job for me..

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Powder SPF10 - I love this powder.. Hands down the best powder I've tried.. It sets my foundation flawlessly and never looks cakey.. I love applying this with a face puff (Full review here)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF35 - Amazing concealer for scars.. This hides my scars like no other concealer I've come across.. Only downside with this is that it doesn't stay on as much as I would like it to even with powder.. But overall, really great product (Full review here)

Illamasqua Blending Brush 1 - Love love love this brush! I use it to apply and blend in my concealer.. It's SO soft and doesn't scratch my eye area.. Buffs in my concealer so beautifully..

Korres Monoi Oil 02 Sunglow Warmth Bronzer - You know how you get that sort of slightly tanned look after the redness from the sun goes away? This bronzer gives you just that.. It doesn't give you that dirty muddy tanned look.. It just adds that subtle warmth.. Been loving this a lot lately.. It also has great properties that are beneficial to your skin (Review here)

Burberry Blush in #01 Russet - This is a recent purchase which my lovely enabler Tracy from Beauty Reflections kinda tempted me to get it.. When you look at the blush it's nothing special.. But when applied.. Ahhh it's so beautiful.. Works as a blush and a bronzer in one.. Sculpts your face so nicely and gives you such a beautiful summer warmth.. Been really enjoying it.. 

Dior Nude Healthy Glow  002 Sunset Powder - Since I got this, I have been using it a lot! It's such a soft creamy formula that just blends in so beautifully and gives my complexion such a nice peachy bronzy warmth (Review here)

MAC Margin Blush - This is one underrated blush from MAC.. It's a peachy gold blush that makes the perfect highlight for darker skin tones and the loveliest summer glow for light to medium skin tones (Swatch here)

MAC Virgin Isle Cremeblend - Now y'all know how much I adore this.. This makes the perfect base for bronzers and blushes.. Gives them that extra coral glow which I'm a huge fan of (Swatch here)

MAC Warm Soul Mineralized Blush - I always say, if you wanna get just one blush from MAC, get Warm Soul.. It's a peachy/rosy bronzy shade with very fine shimmer that give your complexion the right amount of glow! (Full review here)

Kanebo Sensai 38c (Separating & Lengthening) Mascara - Beautiful thick lashes.. That's what this gives me.. This is my all-time favourite masacara.. Nothing comes close to this it.. And another thing I LOVE about this is that it's a Fibre mascara.. Which means that it's not messy and doesn't give you panda eyes! (Full review here)

Shiseido Eyelash Curler - Never really thought that eyelash curlers could make SUCH a huge difference to my lashes.. This is the perfect tool for when you don't feel like wearing mascara.. Makes you look more awake (Full review here)

MAC Sable Eye Shadow - This was an impulse buy and booooy am I glad I had that impulse =P I adore this eye shadow.. Been wearing it a lot on it's on.. It's a hard colour to describe.. A sort of brown/bronze peach? I dunno but it's unique and you gotta swatch it next time you're at MAC..

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm - This lip balm not only adds moisture to your lips, but gives it that bitten look if you know what I mean.. When I don't know lippie to wear, I slap this baby on and voila! (Full review here)

MAC Russian Red Lipstick - This instantly takes your whole look to another level.. Gives you that effortless polished glamorous look.. And it's Matte which I prefer..

MAC Toxic Tale Lipstick - Wish this wasn't limited edition.. The colour is just stunning! Not too orangey and not too peachy.. Not too bright and not too dark.. The perfect in between shade..

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm - This is a staple in my collection.. Love the way it hydrates my lips without giving it that glossy look which makes the perfect base for lipsticks! (Full review here)

The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur - I love poetry! And I love the kind poetry that speaks about life, struggle, real issues.. And Tupac is an amazing poet in my opinion.. I never get bored of reading this book..

Kahlil Gibran - This guy is one of my all time favourite writers.. I really enjoy his stories and poetry.. He writes with so much feeling and emotion and his description of moments is just outstanding..

Jean Paul Gualtier Summer Fragrance - I love the classic one of this but it's way to strong for summer.. And this is lighter scent is the perfect amount of musk? I don't know how to describe a scent.. But if you want a non-fruity, non-flowery, sultry, slightly heavy fragrance for summer.. This is it..

Finally, I have been really enjoying communicating with my My Twitter Buddies =) I have met such amazing people that are just so supportive and so helpful with anything and everything.. Thank you my lovelies and I do hope that our friendships continues to grow!



Rocaille said...

Great post, I loved reading about your miscellaneous favorites! x

Kayla said...

I'm dying to try Chanel's Vitalumiere foundation, definitely need to go get a sample ASAP!

MAC Sable is one of the first MAC products I ever bought and I love it to pieces. It's such a pretty and versatile shadow and it goes with everything.

AngelicBetrayal said...

Please keep these posts coming :D They're a really great way for me to prioritize my wishlist haha. Thankyou!

i.r. said...

Wow, poetry! You've just added another diminution to your blog :)
I'm not big on poetry, but I do love Omar Khayam. You?

i.r. said...

Silly auto spell! You've added another dimension, not diminution!

Larie said...

I love favorites posts, and thanks for the book suggestions, too :)

LisaClare said...

Loved this post! You've definitely got me set on a Chanel Foundation and I'm so jealous that you have Virgin Isle because i WANT IT!!

I'm going to try and do more favourites posts in the future but I'm trying so many new things lately that i haven't fully identified which ARE my favourites yet.

Great job hun :)

JC! :) said...

I'm glad you're incorporating this series. I love a lot of your favorites as well--such as the Margin blush. ITA that it's underrated. I'm also a fan of Dior Sunset--though I've yet to make the purchase.

Great picks!

Danielle said...

Ahh! Such lovely bits! I'll need to pick up Sable, it looks gorg! I think I need to be brave and venture into red lipstick more. I rarely wear it but hopefully that will change, it's such an empowering shade! I've not tried anything from Burberry yet, but that blush looks divine!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are stunning hun! Sable has been on my wishlist for ages

Delyteful Speaks said...

Rocaille - Thanks sweetie.. Appreciate it =)

Kayla - It is an amazing shade isn't it?!

AngelicBetrayal - Hahaha I'm more than happy to help u out by sharing my experiences with some products ;)

i.r. - Haha yah spell check has a mind of its own sometimes =P No I haven't heard of him.. Will have to check him out now.. Thanks hun =)

Larie - My pleasure sweets

LisaClare - I'm sure u'd be able to find virgin isle in some blog sale.. I've seen it but forgot which blog it was :s Yah favourites posts with a mini review are amazing really.. Very helpful I reckon..

JC - Yah Margin is beautiful isn't it?! Thanks so much for ur support hun.. I'm really grateful

Danielle - Red lipsticks are amazing and they look good on everyone! You gotta go out there and find that perfect red girl

The Make-up Fairy - Awww thanks heaps for noticing.. I've been tryna change my photography style to make it clearer for you guys and just more "artisitic".. Sable is a must-have!

Ansa said...

Great products. You have amazing taste. xx

The Cat Hag said...

Wow you highlighted so many awesome things!

Personally, I use and love the MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Shiseido Eyelash Curler and MAC Russian Red Lipstick. They are such fantastic products!

The Cat Hag

Makeup and Macaroons said...

Oh I loved this post, makes me want to buy sooo many new things! Evil you! LOL.

And I'm totally with you when it comes to applying foundation with fingers... so much better at blending in a foundation with fingers than a brush.

Delyteful Speaks said...

Ansa - Thanks heaps hun =)

The Cat Hag - Aren't they? Thanks so much for passing by =)

Makeup and Macaroons - Haha my bad =P Yah I've tried various brushes but my fingers just did the best job!

Clare said...

Love this series you are doing. Also, very nice pics! I was on the fence about whether or not to indulge myself in some Burberry blushes and your pic convinces me that I am missing out. Thanks for your lovely posts,

r.alsharif said...

I reallyreallyreally liked your book choice! :D

Delyteful Speaks said...

Clare - Thank u hun.. Burberry blushes are lovely!

r.alsharif - Shukran =D

Lauren Rose said...

Lovely post! Love your photos! The Dior powder looks gorgeous, I'm in need of a new powder to set my foundation, Dior has really got me hooked at the moment x

Delyteful Speaks said...

Lauren Rose - Thank you hun.. Appreciate that.. You gotta try the Dior loose powder.. It's really lovely

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

LOVE your likes! And thanks for the link love! I like being your enabler! :) I need to get MAC Margin I think. I've been seeing a lot of it lately and it's one I've never even noticed.

maya said...

I love Khalil Gibran. This man's writing is utterly beautiful and touching.

Yu said...

Warm Soul and Margin are on my list! And that lipbalm looks delicious.. <3 Great idea for a post, looking forward to more! :D

Delyteful Speaks said...

Tracy@Beauty Reflections - Hahaha I like that you're my enabler coz we have similar taste =P Yah give margin a try it's lovely!

maya - Totally agree with you!

Yu - Warm Soul is must ;) Thanks sweets!

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