Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blush Collection 2: MAC, Cargo, MUFE, Sleek, Benefit & NYX

Ok so here's part 2 of my blush collection... (click here for part 1)

Dainty - I don't love this.. It's nice but I don't love it.. It's a pinky peach.. More on the pink side with very fine gold shimmers that don't show up that much on the cheeks.. It does give you a nice fresh look.. The perfect spring blush but not my favourite at all..

Cubic - I have a problem with this blush.. It's such a pretty shade.. Very natural.. But this particular one I got is just so hard to even swatch.. The top layer is all weird and hard and doesn't give colour.. So when I use this, I have to scrap of the top layer and then run my brush on it.. Too much work.. But it's lovely blush that looks boring in the pan but is a nice dusty pink on the cheeks..

Margin - This is one of those underrated MAC blushes.. It's a peachy gold that instantly gives your complexion such a lovely summery glow.. Only issue I have with this blush is that it's a little too shimmery for my taste so I tend to use it as a highlight instead..

Warm Soul - I haven't had this for that long but it definitely jumped into my top 5 blushes.. It's a gorgeous peachy pink with fine gold shimmers that are not too shimmery at all when applied.. Love this blush.. Read my full review on it here

Pinch Me - This also is a super gorgeous blush! Looks too dark in the pan but with a light hand, it gives you that deep peach look that is just stunning! It's a matte finish which I love.. It adds this beautiful peachy warmth.. Perfect for medium to dark skin tones..

Bite of An Apple - A beautiful limited addition coral.. Before this came out, I was dying to get my hands on it.. It's just such a beautiful coral.. And when I got it.. I fell in love with it.. Except for the fact that I find it does not blend very well for some reason.. But still a shade worth having in my collection..

Her Blooming Cheek - Another limited edition blush.. But this one I wasn't planning to get at all.. It was just sort of an impulse buy.. And boooy am I glad I got it.. It's the perfect winter blush as it gives you that natural flush like you've been out in the cold.. Looks scary in the pan.. Very bright pink magenta shade.. But with a light hand, it's just lovely!

LadyBlush - This is in the old formula.. I don't usually wear this on it's on as I find it too be a little too pastel looking for me (I like my bright blushes =P).. But it makes a beautiful base for my pink blushes.. And adds that dewy look..

Virgin Isle - Ahhh now this is one I absolutely adore! Looks like a bright orangey coral but when blended on the skin, it is just superb! I love this cream colour base so much.. See how I like to wear it here

Echo Beach - Cargo blushes are up there for me with the Illamasqua blushes.. They're so pigmented and soft.. Very easy to apply and blend.. Echo Beach is a rosy bronze.. It is a gorgeous summer blush! Gives you that tanned look without the burn.. The shimmer in it is also not too much when applied.. A keeper for sure..

Tonga - This is such a creamy non-cream blush if you know what I mean.. It's just so smooth.. Very natural.. A perfect everyday blush..

Blu-Ray Pink Blush/Highlighter - I don't use this as much.. It's made for photographs and it does photograph nicely.. It's a very light pink and when applied, you don't noticed the highlight part of it as much as you do in photographs.. You don't need a highlighter with this as works as both a blush and a highlighter.. The colour a little too light for me but would be perfect for fair skin tones..

MUFE Aqua Cream #9 - I love this shade.. It's a bright peach that can be used as a blush, lipstick and eye shadow.. The thing with the aqua creams is that you gotta work super fast with them as they dry so quickly.. And because they're waterproof (like literally waterproof) once they're dry, they don't budge.. So they are a bit tricky but really great for those living in humid conditions where your makeup just slides off your face.. This does have little shimmers that also don't show very much when applied.. I love how this shade brightens up my complexion

MUFE HD Blush in #6 - This is a pink coral blush that also needs to be blended in quickly.. This stays on pretty well but not as long as the aqua cream..

Sleek Blush in Scandalous - You can easily look like a clown with this blush.. But if applied properly with a light hand, this gives you that beautiful sunburnt look.. This is an excellent dupe to NARS Exhibit A blush.. A good one to have for the summer time..

Dandeloin - Many use this as a face powder as it's very sheer with very fine gold shimmer that gives a glow to your complexion... I however use this as a blush if I do use it.. I find it to be a little too light for my taste but paired with a cream blush underneath, it does work very nicely in giving you that fresh faced look..But definitely not a must-have..

Benetint - This is one of the first blushes I owned.. It's gives a very long-lasting stain on the cheek.. But this can look so blotchy if you don't move fast with it..

NYX Peach Powder Blush - I don't really see the peach in this but I use this on the apples of my cheeks on top of my bronzer to add that lovely hint of pink when I'm rockin' a bronzy look..

NYX Glow Cream Blush - This to me seems very similar to MAC's Posey in the old formulation.. Very easy to blend.. Instantly adds a glow to the face.. And is a dewy finish..

Phew that was a lot! Glad I'm finally done with this..
Next will be foundations.. Stay tuned ;)



makeupjelena said...

Gorgeous collection :-)

Vida said...

What an amazing collection! I love reading posts like these =)

r.alsharif said...

I would love to own that!

Delyteful Speaks said...

makeupjelena - Thank you hun =)

Vida - Thanks sweets.. xoxo

r.alsharif - haha tis miiiine! =P

Adrienne said...

AMAZING :) I love these kind of posts :) I have quite a few of these blushes good to see we have similar taste :P xxx

Princess Paradise said...

great blog, such good info , please follow and join my blog

Libby said...

I love blush. My favourite is probably MAC Dollymix but I'm really taken by Warm Soul, it looks beautiful. I may have to get it...

Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog :)

Delyteful Speaks said...

Adrienne - haha well what do ya know ;)

Princess Paradise - Thanks hun =)

Libby - Dollymix is a gorgeous pink.. But warm soul is a must-have for sure

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

Wow, what a comprehensive review you just did, that must have been a lot of work! That's too bad about your MAC Cubic blush. I have that and it is a nice pretty pink, mine just isn't hard lime yours. What a bummer!!!

Janalyn said...

Wow Awesome blush collection!!

cheryl said...

i didn't know anyone liked blush as much as i do! love all of the colors!


Alma said...

I love your blush collection! I have to agree with Margin, it is definitely an unsung hero of blushes. It was actually my first blush ever, and I realized now that I need to get a new one because it is long gone!

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