Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Pixi Correction Concealer + Lip&Line

I've been on the hunt for a corrector that doesn't settle into my fine lines the way the Bobbi Brown one does on me (review).. I went to Skin Food as I know they have salmon concealer (I already have the salmon powder which is ok not great).. But the Skin Food one was just way to light for me and it didn't hide my dark circles at all..

So I decided to take a trip to Pixi and see what they have to offer.. And boooy did I fall in love...

This product brightens up my undereye area like no other.. I normally really don't like my undereye area to look lighter than my face.. But this brightened it without that overly unnatural look.. I'm seriously not exaggerating when I say this little thing turned me from dull to fresh and radiant looking..


- Comes in 1 colour.. A Peachy/Pink colour

- Sort of like a hardened cream that melts when you rub it (Unlike the Bobbi Brown one which it very creamy)

- Applies nicely and blends in beautifully (you can either apply it with your fingers or with a brush both work nicely)

- Stays put all day

- Can be a little drying if too much was applied

- Contains vitamins such as A, C & E as well as Rose Hip Extract which is known for its cell regenerating and skin elasticity boosting properties

My Final Thoughts: This product is really worth it.. I love what it does for my whole complexion.. And it's important that you use a moisturizing eye cream underneath first to decrease any chances of it drying out your eye area.. I use this on top my of Mac Studio Finsih Concealer (review) as I think it works better that way.. And I prefer using my hands to apply this.. I find that it blends in better.. And the most important thing for me is that it DOES NOT crease! So yay pixi!

This is a lip liner and a lipstick in one which is so convenient as I usually have a hard time finding a lip liner to go with my lipstick..


- Beautiful light nudey pink

- Not as moisturizing as it looks in the swatch

- With the liner, it has a matte finish to it and is long-lasting.. If only the lipstick is worn, it's semi-matte and not very long-lasting

- It does glide on nicely on the lips

- Contains anti-aging ingredients, Vitamins C & E and it's preservative free, mineral oil free, paraben free, not tested on animals

My Final Thoughts: I'm not loving this product but I'm not hating it either.. It's nice to have but I wouldn't purchase more of these.. I love how convenient it is though..

So what have you tried any Pixi products before?


Jen W said...

yay!! This is going on my 'to try' list.

I love Pixi lipbooster lipglosses.

Rachy said...

Ooh the corrector looks lovely, I'm using my Bobbi brown corrector up too quickly and I'm assuming the pixi one is cheaper so may have to give that a try afterwards. P.s I did a video review on the illamasqua brow cake on my page for u :) x

Makeup Look/Catharina said...

The corrector fom Pixi looks really nice! No creasing? I like!!

It's good that it only comes in one colour, because that helps when you have to order it online like I have to. No trouble trying to guess which colour will match. :)

Delyteful Speaks said...

Jen W - Ya their lip boosters are yummy

Rachy - They the BB one does tend to get used up really quickly coz it's so creamy.. Awww thanks heaaaps hun.. xoxo

Makeup Look/Catharina - Yah ure right about that.. But it's good for light/medium skin tones.. Darker skin tones might have an issue with a product being just one colour..

Vida said...

I have tried their rose lip treat which is a nice, moisturizing sheer lip stick - not my favorite though. I really want to try that undereye brightener now!

Rocaille said...

I haven't tried anything from Pixi yet, but that undereye corrector looks very promising! x

Emily said...

Pixi has some amazing stuff, I can't wait to try some of them!

Makeup Magpie said...

I have Pixi's Petite Orchard mini palette. I would like to try this lip product as it does look very convenient :) Thanks for the review!

lovevictoriaa said...

have you tried benefit's erase paste?! the pixi concealer is reminding me of it with it's salmon color!

Delyteful Speaks said...

Vida - This is lovely and it does not crease on me so much so that's a bonus

Rocaille - Pixi has some nice products.. It's a very underrated brand.. They need to market themselves better

Emily - You'd love what they have to offer

Makeup Magpie - My pleasure hun =)

lovevictoriaa - No I haven't but I heard it creases.. I wanted to get it before I stumbled into this.. They do seem very similar..

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