Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bye Bye Dry Hands

You could use any moisturizing lotion for your hand.. But it's nice to have a hand cream that smells nice and you can just throw in your bag..

I've been using this hand cream for a while.. Twilight Woods is my favourite Bath & Body Works scent..


- Buttery texture
- Very Moisturizing
- Smells AMAZING
- Not very fast absorbing
- A little greasy so you will need to pat your palms with a tissue

So I was sitting in my room one day when my younger sister barged in with this product in her hand....

She walked up to me, opened the tube and said "Try this.. now"


- Semi-emollient like texture.. Between a gel and a cream
- Can you say that a hand cream is Matte? Well this one is
- Fast absorbing and non-greasy but your palms can feel a little sticky if too much is applied 
- Keeps your hands moisturized all day
- Feels very velvety and smooth
- Smells nice but is fragrance-free
- Not pricey

I don't really use any Neutrogena products.. Not a huge fan of them really.. But this little tube really surprised me..

Final Thoughts: Although the Neutrogena one is nice, I just really don't like the sticky feelin it can give.. And I don't feel that instant hydration that I feel with my Twilight Woods (result of the buttery smooth rexture) So Im will stick with my lovely Twilight Woods since it does moisturize, smell amazing, and is non-sticky..

What is your favourite Hand Cream?


Vida said...

I tried the Twilight woods hand cream and I loved the smell and feel of it, but I felt like my hands would just be dry a few hours later. My favorite hand cream has got to be the one by Eucerin. It is so good, and really makes your hands look and feel amazingly soft.

Makeup Look/Catharina said...

Norwegian formula? ;) Interesting! Haha - yes we have a cold climate up here in the north so maybe that's why this should be a great formula...? (Although I don't live in Norway it's only an hour to the border from where I live in Sweden).

I really don't have a favourite hand cream right now... I'm sort of in between and just use what ever I can find. Must look into getting a good one.

Rei said...

Thanks for you lovely comments on my blog! Glad you drop by, so I get to discover your blog, it is awesome! Love it, just followed you and I am going to add you on my blogroll :)

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