Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Your Time To Shine: The Perfect Glow

Ok seriously, who doesn't wanna have that beautiful healthy glow to their complexion? And with summer just around the corner, highlighters are a must especially if you love your foundation matte..

I was talking to the lovely Ebrushka on Twitter about the perfect highlight combination.. And I promised her to do a post just to show her how gorgeous my two combinations are..

Here's what I use to get my glow on...

Mac Cream Colour Base in Hush + Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Powder

 I've always enjoyed Hush by itself but thought it was a little too subtle for me..
So when I decided to top it with my Amber Diamond, I discovered perfection!

MAC's Hush Cream Colour Base

- The colour is so unique.. It's like a peachy pink golden colour
- Very light cream formula
- Blends in so beautifully on the skin giving it a natural sheen
- No glitter
- Sheer but buildable
- Very subtle 
- Looks amazing on all skin tones, especially medium to dark

Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Powder

- Five golden, bronze, peachy shades
- Gives a very subtle sheen to the skin
- No glitter
- Very hard to overdo this product as it is pretty sheer
- For more detail, read my review on it here

Here are the swatches for you...

My beautiful second cousin decided to be my model for this post

The photos say it all really..

With Amber Diamond on top of Hush, it adds that little extra golden iridescent to the skin.. This combination really brightens up your complexion without looking overly shiny or glowy..

How do you like to glow?


makeupjelena said...

I also have Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Powder and i love it! :-)

EllysMakeupbag said...

I like Hush too, but I agree it's subtle and i have to pack it on! Maybe i will try shell, i have pearl as well haha. I need that powder...

Glimmer and Glow ♥ said...

Ohh looks really pretty! I want to try Dior's Amber Diamond! xx

Delyteful Speaks said...

makeupjelena - Yah it's a lovely one to have in your collection.. Very versatile

EllysMakeupbag - I have pearl too but I enjoy Hush more.. Shell is more on the pinky side I think.. If you can't get your hands on the Amber Diamond, I'm sure there are other great alternatives

Glimmer and Glow - Thanks hun =)

Makeup Look/Catharina said...

Nice, nice, nice!!

Vida said...

Wow it looks amazing! I have been using hush to death ever since I got it and I am dying to try Dior Amber Diamond.

Amy said...

so nice ^^ your cousin is adorable <3

Rocaille said...

The combination is amazing, but above all, your cousin is super cute! x

Delyteful Speaks said...

Makeup Look/Catharina - Thank u Thank Thank u

Vida - Thanks sweetie =)

Amy - Hehehe yah she's a doll <3

Rocaille - Thanks hun.. I loves my lil girl

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Love it! Great idea!

Ebru said...

Omg you're so sweet for doing this post!!! :) I came home and hopped straight at my desk to check it out! It looks gorgeous, yep I'm sold Hush will be mine soon thanks to you! :)) Thanks so much, hope you have a great weekend! ♥

Alina F. said... looks gorgeous on the skin!Love it!xoxo

Delyteful Speaks said...

Tracy@Beauty Reflections - Thanks hun =)

Ebru - My pleasure sweetie.. Let us know how Hush works for ya ;)

Alina F. - Thanks hun.. It does give a beautiful glow

Diana said...

Great blog!! I'm loving your reviews on things!

Thanks for the follow, btw. Followed ya back :)

Clare said...

Outstanding post, so useful to have a highlighter/bronzer overview. And your cousin has a bad case of the gorgeous!

Jessy said...

wow your skin is glowing with beautiful colours, i love the combination.

btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky ^_^ which i hope you do, come and sign up~~~


Delyteful Speaks said...

Diana - Thank you so much hun =)

Clare - Hahaha she does.. Loved the phrase =P Thanks sweetie

Jessy - Thank you so much.. I'll definitely check out ur giveaway ;)

Anonymous said...

I wanted Hush for sooo long. It's always sold out when I go. One day...

Princess Paradise said...

Love this blog and now following

Libby said...

wow that is lovely and glowy

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