Monday, June 20, 2011

Products You Just Don't Really Need

Ok let me begin by saying this is just my opinion and just because I don't think that some things are necessary, it doesn't mean that I haven't fallen for the marketing tricks some companies use to wheel us into buying their unneeded products..

So lets begin..

1. A Gazillion Brushes 

Do we seriously need to have a special brush just to apply the eye shadow and another one just to blend it out? Seems like an obvious way for the company to make more $.. I bet most of us have brushes that they've barely touched..

2. Eye/Lip Primer 

Ok when I say an Eye Primer, I mean one that people use just so they can cover up their veins not one where they need to control their oils.. Just use a concealer people.. You don't need to buy a concealer looking "eye primer"..

And a Lip Primer? Seriously? When did that hit market? Again.. just use your concealer..

3. Too many Eyeshadow Palettes

Yes it's nice to have different eyeshadow palettes from different brands, but chances are some many shades will be neglected and you'll probably have duplicates of the same shade and that is just such a waste.. Try to look for an eyeshadow palette that has all the colours you will use and don't get another similar palette just because a "Beauty Guru" loves it or just because you love one shade in that palette..

4. Lip Scrub

Ok I admit, I own one but I don't even know why I bought it.. It's such a waste of money.. My tooth brush gives me the same results..

What other things can you guys think of that are some company's ways of making more money?


sasdothat said...

I think on the brushes front, its important to have a nice basic set, not sure about the whole buying the same high-end type brush from another brand.

In Bobbie Brown, they have an exfoliator, that you just add water to. It has all of these beads and stuff in it.
you can make your own, with sugar and just add some olive oil, and you get a product that has faster results

Ailah said...

I definitely agree with the eyeshadows. I always limit myself in getting them because I know somewhere in my stash I have something similar. Great list!

sugar sugar said...

i agree! i am guilty of some of the things you posted though LOL! xD

Makeup and Macaroons said...

Well said hun, I'm completely with you on those... although I'm totally guilty of the too many eyeshadow pallete things. I have so many, and I hardly use them but I still want more more more. LOL.

Prettyinthedesert said...

I agree with the palettes! I have a few and I still haven't used them all! But I love my brushes and am constantly buying more! hehe

D.Sadie said...

Haha nice. I'm actually guilty of all of them...except for the lip products. Lol. I've never heard of a lip scrub before..


r.alsharif said...

You're totally right about the brushes! They're really expensive and most of them are rarely used

MakeupbyThess said...

Seriously with ya on all of them, but to a surtain degree though ^^
Brushes - yes you don't need that many but still I think a regular e/s brush and a blending brush, then a blush and a powder brush, that's it really =)

Palettes - yes! but it's hard for a makeup junkie! ^^

liprimer - uh yeah!

lipscrub - I think my toothbrush hurts on my lips so a scrub is better for me ^^

Delyteful Speaks said...

sasdothat - Yah totally agree with you on the homemade sugar and olive oil scrub! Easy and cheap ;)

Ailah - Yah me too =P Thanks hun

sugar sugar - hehe me toooo !

Makeup and Macaroons - Haha yah I don't why that is.. Why always keep wanting more of the same thing we have and we convince ourselves that noo it's different when it really isn't =P

Prettyinthedesert - Hehe we all have our weaknesses when it comes to beauty =P

D.Sadie - I'm guilty of all three full stop! =P

r.alsharif - Yah you just need a few basic ones and you're good to go!

MakeupbyThess - Thank you for your honesty.. You're right sometimes it's just hard for makeup junkie to settle for one thing =P And in the end, it's really up to you and what works for you..

makeupjelena said...

Nice post, i agree about everything! :-)

Rocaille said...

Well, I may have too many brushes and eye palettes, but I still love them and rotate them often enough to make sure I use all of them :)

Isabel said...

ahahahaha!! So true.. Especially number 3 xD

Delyteful Speaks said...

makeupjelena - Thanks hun =)

Rocaille - Well that's great! As long as you give them some love ;)

Isabel - heheh yup! =P

Adrienne said...

So true! Limited editions are totally just a money spinning concept too, its to make us all rush out and buy them! But i'll be the 1st to say i'm a complete sucker and fall for all the marketing ploys haha x

River said...

Agree with everything here. Although, I have been known to buy palettes because of one or two colours (not expensive ones though! and only because I couldn't find the colour on it's own).

heavy hedonist said...

Primer is a marketing gimmick. for lips, use balm. for eyes, always use a bit of your regular foundation and very light touch of powder, and your shadow will stay on, unless you are doing Mick Jagger lev els of activity. End of story.

The Peach said...

I'm with you on the too many brushes! There are some that are necessary, but not ALL of them! And luckily I'm not too guilty of having lots of palettes. But I do have way too many shadow samples! Thanks for the post. It makes you think!

Danielle said...

Love this post dear! I totally agree about the palettes and the lipscrub. I use my toothbrush too! lol. I also have palettes I bought because of hype and they were so expensive and I rarely use them. Garbage. I have never tried a lip primer, but I dare say it's probably so unncessary when you can use your own concealer. As far as brushes go, I am case in point so I hope I don't sound like a hypocrite here, but I could probably choose 10-12 of my brushes and be totally set for life. No need to have every shape and size that all do essentially the same thing.
Again, props on such a thought-provoking post! :)

Delyteful Speaks said...

Adrienne - Oh yaah! Limited Editions! So true!

River - Yah it sux when you can't find the colour you want outta the palette..

heavy hedonist - Amen girl! Totally with you on that one!

The Peach - My pleasure hun =) Thanks for passing by

Danielle - Yup! You're absolutely right.. I dont know why we sometimes feel the need to have brushes in every size and shape =P It's crazy coz we really don't need them at all.. Thanks sweets

Amy said...

totally agree on lip scrubs- I own one as well and I never use it!

Anonymous said...

you are right, but I think I always fail as I tend to buy make up and nail polishes, more than what I can actually use!

Mary Elizabeth said...

You have some fantastic points- I bought a lip Scrub from LUSH and totally could have just used sugar from my cupboard, oh well, it tastes and smells like bubble gum! haha!

I'm excited for your 200 + give away and wanted to let you know that I am a fan of your your reviews and think you are truly genuine when it comes to your comments and insights. I would be honoured if you joined my new Web Ring: Truly Genuine Beauty Blogger.

Please keep these amazing posts coming!

Angela said...

Love this post! I so agree.

I nearly fell for the lip scrub thing but it's true that you can get the same, if not better results, from a toothbrush.

Delyteful Speaks said...

Amy - Me too.. I need to use it up so I don't feel too bad =P

Beauty Addict - Don't we all? =P

Mary Elizabeth - Awww thanks so much hun.. That really means a lot =)

Angela - I fell for it unfortunately.. Amd I rarely use it.. I could use it as a body scrub right? =P

Alma said...

Great post... got me thinking too! I agree with everything but the eye primer. I work 12 hour days and when I forget to use a primer my eye makeup wont last half as long!

Other things I could do without:
- expensive mascara....
- hair gel, mousse, hairspray, pomade, AND wax etc etc
- eye cream..just use moisturizer!

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