Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Powder SPF10

I was always hesitant about using powder on my face even thought I am combination skin.. I just hate the slightest look dryness or anything that might make me look cakey.. So I never thought that powder was really essential.. However, ever since I started using it, which is not that long ago, I realized how it really pulls my whole look together and gives a nice finish to my complexion.. The trick is to find a powder that does the job right.. And I have found it in the... 

Yes I know.. Delyteful Speaks writes about yet another Dior product.. But honestly, they have been impressing me a lot lately with all their fairly new range..


- Very light-weight

- Blends in beautifully

- Feels so silky on the skin

- Gives a cooling feeling when applied because of it's 20% water ingredient

- Hydrating.. So it won't look drying or cakey

- It won't make you oily but I don't think it will control your oils that much

- Gives a beautiful glow to your complexion

- Could be used as a foundation or as a setting powder depending on the amount and the tool you're using to apply it

- Dior claims that with frequent use the skin becomes more beautiful.. Not sure how true that is..

My Final Thoughts: This loose powder is the only one I have used that did not make my skin look dry or cakey.  I apply this with a small face puff.. A tip I learnt from Makeup Geek in this video.. And I found that it's really the best way to apply it for me as it blurs out my pores and sets my foundaiton beautifully.. Really impressed with this product and if you're looking for a powder that will not look cakey and would give you a beautiful radiant finish, check this powder out..

What's the best/worst powder you used?


JC! :) said...

Hi there! Like your blog, it's very cute. I haven't tried much by Dior (only their perfume and their Blackout mascara in the past) but they seemed pretty great. The best powder I've used in CHANEL's Translucent Loose Powder. Worst? Some Covergirl loose powder a few years ago. MAC's were always a hit or miss with me, but nothing really stood out.

Great review, may have to check out Dior's cosmetic line now.

Anonymous said...

Best powder: MAC prep and Prime transparent Finishing Powder
Worst: L'Oreal mattifying powder, can't remember the name: dry, cakey mess. You've just given me power envy

Prettyinthedesert said...

OOH I actually have this one! :) I haven't used it in a while because I have a bit of a tan now. But I really loved it. I used it instead of foundation and I preferred it to my bare minerals one. Dior are actually my favorite 'designer' brand for makeup and skin care. All their stuff is great.

Larie said...

Oooh, looks great! I agree, Dior's new stuff is really lovely. I'll have to check this one out.

Delyteful Speaks said...

JC - Oh I was actually debating between the Chanel one and the Dior one.. But felt that the dior gave me a really nice glow.. how's the chanel one?

The Make-up Fairy - Hahaha Powder envy.. that's good one =P

Prettyinthedesert - I never used to like Dior.. But now they're really impressing me with what they have to offer

Larie - Thanks hun =)

...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR... said...

I have been using MUFE HD Translucent Powder for a long time now.. I think it's going to take me 10 years to finish it! I like it a lot but, as I am a makeup addict, I really want to try out others!!
This one sounds really nice, I need to get a sample next time I'm around a Dior counter!!
Thanks for the review =)

Rocaille said...

I use mineral foundation most days, so I don't put any additional powder on top... Although it does feel a bit too dry some days, which is when I spritz it with some toner! This Dior powder sounds amazing :) x

Delyteful Speaks said...

...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR... - I have the MUFE HD Powder and it's also nice.. But it's dangerous with photographs.. Wrote review on it.. The dior one just feels so lovely..

Rocaille - The Dior powder won't look drying.. Give it a try.. It's lovely..

Yu said...

I always hear such good things about loose powders but I'm such a clutz and always make such a big mess! :P

It's a shame that this doesn't control your oils, but it's something I'll look into in the winter! Thanks :)

Clare said...

Oooh, very tempting. Dior has not failed me yet and this looks lovely. Also, the cooling effect you mention reminds of the old Prescriptives Magic Powder which I used to use and love when there were still Px counters. Now I think I need to try this little Dior number! Thanks as always for the great review:)

Delyteful Speaks said...

Yu - hehe I'm messy too but you get the hang of it =P

Clare - My pleasure hun.. If you do decide to get try it out, lemme know what u think of it =)

mar said... im so tempted to try this powder!!

I used dior capture totale powder before and it was amazing but the price tag doesnt agree with my wallet so I didnt repurchase. Now I have quite a few unopened powder from different brand so I guess i'll try them all before maybeeeee trying this Dior powder..

great review by the way!

kristinalhg said...

I'm learning so much from your blog! I would love to try this powder. What shade do you have?

Delyteful Speaks said...

@mar - Thanks hun! And ya do try it some day and lemme know ;)

@kristinalhg - I'm so glad to know my blog is helping you out.. I'm in shade 030.. In MAC I'm NC25-30

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