Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If I Were To Pick One... Tinted Moisturizer

It would be...


- Hydrating
- Semi-Dewy finish.. Not completely matte but not overly dewy
- Light to medium coverage.. The best coverage I've come across in a tinted moisturizer
- Applies and blends so nicely
- Comes in 3 colours only.. I wear the colour Medium (I'm NC/NW25-30)
- The bottle will last you forever as you only need a little bit for the whole face
- Two issues I have with this: a) Oxidization (just a little bit) b) It transfers even if it's set with powder

My Final Thoughts: I have been using this tinted moisturizer for over a year and it is a keeper.. I have to always have this lying around in my collection somewhere.. It's a good product for when you don't wanna think about your foundation.. It's the only tinted moisturizer I've come across that actually hydrates AND provides good coverage.. The oxidization issue is not horrible.. But it does happen.. And the fact that it transfers is the only thing that really bugs me about this but overall, it's a really good tinted moisturizer..



r.alsharif said...

I kinda wanna try it now! Hope I can find it! :D

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Totally agree with you! This is hands down my favourite-dare I say I like it better than the Laura Mercier TM? Yes, I think so!

JC! :) said...

I've never tried this, but this is good to know. The other day my alarm didn't go off so I woke up an hour late. I really could've used a tinted moisturizer because I just didn't have time to put on a full face.

The Peach said...

Thanks for the review! I'll have to check this stuff out next time I'm looking for a TM!

t said...

Great review!


Delyteful Speaks said...

r.alsharif - Is there Kiehl's in Kuwait?

Tracy@Beauty Reflections - Never tried the LM one.. But I like this one anyway =P

JC - ohh u poor thing but I know what u mean.. It's on those days when a Tinted Moisturizer is much appreciated =P

The Peach - You're welcome hun.. Do try it out.. It's a nice one

t - Thanks hun =)

Rocaille said...

I've never heard about it before, thanks for the review! My tinted moisturizer oxidizes a lot... x

Makeup Look/Catharina said...

I would pick Laura Mercier, but that's because it's the only one I've tried. Hehe...! ;)Just got it from my sister who bought it in New York and I already love it!

Delyteful Speaks said...

Rocaille - Oxidization sux!

Makeup Look/Catharina - Oh sweet.. Would love to knwo ur thoughts on it ;)

Australian Beauty said...

Hi there!

Interesting, next time I run out out of TM i'll have to check this out!

Currently I'm using and absolutley LOVING Aveeno Positivley radiant TM - it has natural light reflecting particles in it which give the most naturally gorgeous glow. I'm so impressed I've been using it all week instead of foundation.

PB89 said...

Interesting! I had never even heard about it before.

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